Accusound XD Balanced Interconnects
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Accusound XD Balanced Interconnects

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Accusound XD Balanced Interconnects

Building on our legacy as the leading choice of world class microphone designers, recording studios and mastering facilities around the globe, we’ve used our expertise to create cables specifically for the audiophile. Our audiophile designs let you hear the music as it was intended by the artists - with all of the tones, textures and musical interactions fully preserved. The soundstage of each recording is revealed such that you’ll hear all the instruments accurately positioned within the recording space and the air around them. You’ll hear depth in your recordings as you’ve never heard. With Accusound you’ll hear the music, not the cable.
Our full line of audiophile cables are RoHS compliant and offer a (no fault) 10 year warranty.
• Highest strand count hybrid silver/copper conductors for the most accurate and pristine signal transfer
• Twisted tri-conductor geometry helps prevent electromagnetic interference from entering into your
audio system
• Utilizing three conductors allows the signal to be passed through the cable with the exact same electrical specifications at each point (positive, neutral and negative) - this design eliminates the use of the shield as a negative conductor and utilizes its function for the sole purpose of shielding.
• Audiophile-grade polyethylene insulators, plus a breathable cotton fiber between conductors achieve
low dielectric constants, preserving signal integrity
• 100% tube-on semi-conductive vinyl shield reduces the amount of triboelectric (handling) noise created within the cable
• Hybrid silver/copper braid shield surrounding the tube-on semi-conductive vinyl maximizes RFI noise rejection
• Furutech eutectic XLR connectors - Silver solder ensures the use of similar metals at the transfer points from connector to conductor

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