Audio Engineers Core Audio Interconnects
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 Audio Engineers Core Audio InterconnectsAudio Engineers Core Audio Interconnects 

Audio Engineers Core Audio Interconnects

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Audio Engineers Core Audio Interconnects

The Core RCA interconnect cable opens a new dimension in the audiophile category.
The Core RCA interconnect cable features balanced quad-core helix conductors, separate multi-purpose conductors, reduced resistance, and virtual grounding technology. The appearance of the Core RCA model features the latest internal helix structure, thereby minimizing the inductive and capacitive effects of the parallel structure of the conductors, which negatively affects the phase accuracy of the signal.
The balanced, quad-core helix-structured conductors are coated with a special antistatic film, synthetic polymer insulation, and a special high-density polyester damping outer casing. The dielectric constant of the high-density polyester layer is lower than that of commonly used Teflon insulation and provides adequate protection against environmental vibrations.
The new dual Nano Black Helix outer layer not only gives the Core RCA interconnect cable a special and unique look, but the special polymer film coated with a 500-nanometer-thick metal layer prevents radio frequencies and electromagnetic interference from entering the cable’s internal structure. Similar metallised polymer films are used in NASA spacesuits to reflect radiation and it has been applied as an antistatic layer for insulating materials in aircraft.
In pure copper wires, the fields generated by the current are effectively attenuated by internal separation, while the new, improved nano Black Helix layer is responsible for external electromagnetic and radio frequency noise protection, which together reduces the negative interaction between current in the conductor and insulation.
Virtual Grounding technology
The Core RCA interconnect cable with Virtual Grounding technology provides extremely efficient noise-free signal transmission. The ever-expanding wireless technologies, electromagnetic noise, and magnetic fields generated by home appliances and other electronics cause stray voltages that negatively affect signal clarity and sound reproduction. The Virtual Grounding technology of the Core RCA interconnect cable provides an independent virtual ground point that can effectively dissipate radio frequency / electromagnetic noise, ensuring signal clarity. The result is realistic sound, expansive spatial details, greater dynamics, and an expansive sound stage.
The Core RCA model has high-quality, locking, selected, pure silver-plated high-purity copper connectors. The pure silver coating on the outside of the contacts provides a proper connection that has measurably better electrical parameters and clearer signal transmission than the gold coating.
  • The Core RCA interconnect is placed in a special tissue bag after the last quality check.
  • Available lengths: 2 x 2ft/60cm, 2 x 4ft/120cm, 2 x 6ft/180cm and custom sizes.


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