Rosso Fiorentino Fiesole 2 Speakers
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Rosso Fiorentino Fiesole 2 SpeakersRosso Fiorentino Fiesole 2 SpeakersRosso Fiorentino Fiesole 2 Speakers

Rosso Fiorentino Fiesole 2 Speakers

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Rosso Fiorentino Fiesole 2 Speakers

Fiesole is a classic Rosso Fiorentino, our first design with which our company started back in 2007. Since its first release Fiesole has been greatly appreciated for its pristine sound, musicality and distinctive design. We knew it wouldn’t be easy to update our ‘founder model’.
Fiesole series 2 is therefore the result of the implementation of our latest technologies and expertise always carried out with great respect for the achievements reached by its predecessor.

Fiesole was the first Rosso speaker to implement the concept of using mechanically different materials in one composite structure where each material absorbs and damps the resonant frequency of another material in the system. The result of this ‘team work’ is a cabinet incredibly still and firm where panel vibration modes are drastically reduced revealing great micro and macro dynamic details in the sound.

This concept has been further developed in the Fiesole series 2 by adding extra aluminium panels on the sides, new and advanced internal damping pads and a bracing system that, implementing a firm connection with the midwoofer magnet, significantly reduces the transmission of unwanted vibrations from the driver to the front baffle.

Fiesole is a two-way rear vented design. All the transducers are held in place in the rigid and damped sandwich front baffle made of thick aluminium and HDF layers.

The 6.5” woofer is powered by a lightweight long-throw voice coil and a vented ferrite magnet system. Its cone material is Nomex paper and provides great stiffness and excellent damping properties showing a very smooth response at mid-high frequencies. Inside the enclosure different types of absorbing material together with a highly scattering sound surface take care of the modal resonances voicing the midwoofer with an exceptional neutrality.


and that is why we designed our own ultrasonic generator,  a  4mm thin aluminium ribbon driven by a large neodymium magnet and capable of reaching ultrasonic frequencies up to 100kHz. With its great off-axis dispersion and accuracy in producing the leading edge of each transient, the supertweeter makes the whole system sound more natural, giving the reproduced sound a truly three-dimensional quality.

2-way rear-ported stand mounted

87 dBspl (2.83V, 1m)

Nominal impedance
8Ω (minimum 5Ω)

Drive units
1 x ribbon diaphragm ultrasonic generator
1 x ø 28mm (1.1 in) silk dome neodymium tweeter
1 x ø 165mm (6.5 in) Nomex diaphragm woofer
Frequency response (±3dB)
45 Hz – 100 kHz (typical in-room bass resp. -6dB @39Hz)

Crossover frequencies
2.2 kHz – 30kHz

Recommended amplifier power
50W – 150W into 8Ω with unclipped sound signal

multi-layer composite construction comprised of aluminium panels,solid HDF fiberboard and rubber damping elements
3 different internal absorbent materials
Height:  106.5mm (36.4 in) incl. dedicated stand
Width:  259mm (9.3 in)
Depth:  315mm (11.4in)
Net weight
20 Kg (44 lb) each
32 Kg (70.5 lb) including stand

Cabinet finish
black matt coated aluminium front baffle
exclusive RF silky matt black coating
Side panels
High gloss black
natural walnut
custom leather covering

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