PMC Fact 12 Loudspeakers
 PMC Fact 12 LoudspeakersPMC Fact 12 Loudspeakers 

PMC Fact 12 Loudspeakers

Outstanding new flagship from PMC

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PMC Fact 12 Speakers  

PMC's latest flagship Fact loudspeaker is now on demonstration at Analogue Seduction.

The fact.12 is a product of PMC’s passion for absolute sonic transparency. It delivers emotion and 

power while preserving clarity and dynamics at all levels, from whisper-quiet to performances you can literally feel.With ATL bass loading technology and its audiophile level controls for precise adjustment of high and low frequencies, fact.12 guarantees a flawless sound in any listening environment and with a vast range of source equipment.

If you want to get even closer to the magic captured in the recording, fact.12 is what you need.

A sense of scale. That’s what the fact.12 adds to PMC’s respected fact range, delivering more passion and power for listeners who desire it, but preserving clarity and dynamics at all levels; from whisper-quiet to performances you can really feel. 

Marrying wood, fabric and chrome detailing, the fact.12’s elegant, remarkably compact design radiates quality and discernment as well as beautiful sound. And with its audiophile level controls for precise adjustment of high and low frequencies, it offers a perfect sound balance in any listening environment, integrating with a wide range of source equipment technically and aesthetically. 

The fact series is the product of PMC’s passion for absolute sonic transparency, and the fact.12 builds on these foundations. As with all PMC designs, innovative research and development techniques play an important role, as do the collaborations forged with world-leading design partners such as Norwegian acoustic engineering specialist, SEAS, and standard-bearers of technical excellence including the UK’s National Physical Laboratory. NPL has applied its unique laser-based acousto- optic mapping techniques to provide the most accurate 3D picture of how sound radiates from a loudspeaker, and the effect of cabinet, driver and crossover design on what we hear. These findings have been fed back into PMC’s design process to ensure an even higher level of accuracy from the fact.12. 

The fact.12 is pleasing to the eye as well as to the ear, with its streamlined, elegant cabinet in a variety of hand-selected, sustainable wood finishes. But the beauty of this speaker’s design extends beneath its surface. The base of the fact.12 is a generous 50mm thick, its front baffle is 35mm and the remainder of the speaker’s frame is tuned and braced, ensuring that the cabinet does not contribute unwanted colouration. Listeners can concentrate on what matters — the unadulterated essence of the original performance.


‘No other technology provides such a huge, rich, room-filling sound’ 

All of PMC loudspeakers offer ATL bass loading technology, which provides the following advantages over ported speakers:

  • More detailed, more natural – as it was in the studio • Full, rich sound at any volume level
  • Deeper bass from a smaller cabinet
  • Easy to drive with all amplifiers


The fact.12 also features a new twin-vent, high- compression Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) bass-loading design, which provides deeper and richer extended bass despite the fact.12’s compact form, and delivers the most efficient combination ever of the drive unit and ATL. 

Natural highs

The fact.12 builds on solid foundations, using the innovative SONOMEXTM domed treble drive unit from other fact models. It delivers an exceptionally smooth high-frequency response and a stable, three-dimensional image, allowing multiple listeners to enjoy a uniform, consistent musical experience over a vast area. 

Vocals that truly sing

Adding to PMC’s long history of superbly engineered soft- dome drivers, the fact.12’s brand new mid-range unit is absolutely transparent, and incorporates design elements from the world-renowned PMC75 three-inch mid-range driver. The more compact 50mm hand-made fabric dome unit in the fact.12 delivers the same tonal quality, wide dispersion, high power handling and ultra-low distortion expected by audiophiles worldwide. 

The power to move

The super-long-throw bass driver, specifically designed for fact.12, is completely dedicated to low- frequency reproduction. It produces profound, well- controlled bass by combining a powerful magnet assembly with a sculpted rear plate that allows for immense linear excursions. The stiff yet ultra-light cone is specially coated to reduce unwanted resonance and is precisely profiled to increase its tensile strength. It also incorporates a laminated outer edge to further increase its stability and durability. The combination of PMC’s ATLTM and this powerful driver creates low- frequency energy with agility and depth never seen before from a cabinet of these proportions. 

Tuning to ensure a perfect sound

The fact.12 resolves the complex issue of how to combine the differing sound signatures of room acoustics, cables and source equipment by allowing you to finely tune the speaker. Audiophile- grade switching, set into the fact.12’s solid aluminium rear panel, lets you subtly tailor the bass and treble response to create the perfect sound balance. 

Ensuring perfect separation

The crossover is an essential precision component of any multi-driver loudspeaker, dividing the incoming amplified signal into the frequencies best suited to each of the drivers. All fact speakers feature sophisticated crossovers with extremely accurate filters mounted on military-grade fibre-glass boards, to ensure that the correct frequency range is routed only to the appropriate driver. Thick, pure copper tracks are used to connect the crossover components, optimising signal delivery, and only hand-selected components are used following extensive listening tests.

The role of the crossover is more imperative in the newest addition to the fact range than in any of the others: audio from the amplifier has to be correctly routed to the treble, mid-range and bass drivers. The fact.12’s three-way crossover is therefore a new design, incorporating PMC’s custom-wound air core inductors for greater accuracy and lower distortion. For the first time, the fibre-glass board that holds the crossover components is also double-sided, with optimally specified components on both faces, in order to keep the critical signal paths to a minimum, and to avoid unwanted electromagnetic interaction. 


  • Available Finishes: Tiger Ebony, Graphite Poplar, Rich Walnut, White Silk
  • Complementary Products: Fact.8, Fact.3
  • Crossover Frequency: 400Hz, 4kHz
  • Dimensions: H 1110mm (43.7”) + 25mm spikes x W 168mm (6.1”) + 100mm (3.2”) ingot feet x D 420mm (14.9”) + 23mm (0.9”) Ag terminals
  • Drive Units: LF 2 x fact 140mm (5.5”), MF 1 x fact 50mm (2.0”), HF 1 x fact 19mm (0.75”)
  • Effective ATL™ Length: 3.3m (11ft)
  • Frequency Response: 26Hz – 30kHz
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 84dB 1w 1m
  • Weight: 26.0kg 57lbs ea.

Please contact us for a demonstration on these outstanding loudspeakers 








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