Icon Audio MFV2 Speakers
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Icon Audio MFV2 Speakers


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Icon Audio MFV2 Speakers

  • Available in a high quality walnut finish. 

Nearly all of the hi fi speakers available today are designed for powerful transistor amplifiers, this means the speakers are very power hungry and can be a difficult load for valve amplifiers.

This is especially true of smaller loudspeakers where large amounts of midrange and treble are wasted in order to increase the relative bass output.

A well designed efficient loudspeaker will always work better with a valve amplifier to give much improved performance in terms of volume level, solid bass and will even improve the life of your output valves as you will not be pushing them so hard.

That is why Icon Audio have designed the MFV range of speakers in the UK. They are probably unique as they been designed and tested 100% with valve amplifiers.

Because they are easy to drive, they also work very well with transistor amplifiers.

They are efficient, an easy load, and have very strong magnets and special voice coils.

The MFV2 is the larger stand mount speaker. Designed for medium to large amplifiers of 30 to 100 Watts (depending upon room size and required sound level), it is capable of filling a large room with stunningly transparent music without being fatiguing.

Specifications and Features

  • Designed for valve amps of 10w to 150w
  • Designed in Leicester UK
  • Woofer unit based on German Klippel
  • Rare earth NdFeB magnets
  • Oversized magnets for extra efficiency
  • Low Oxygen copper wire voice coils
  • Very low F0 tweeters with copper ring
  • Smooth impedance curve
  • High overall sensitivity
  • Easy to drive load
  • Hand made crossovers with hi fi parts
  • Audiophile inductors and poly prop caps
  • Long grain loudspeaker quality MDF for minimum cabinet colouration
  • Optional stands available complete with spikes
  • Shielded magnets for minimum magnetic field
  • Supplied with attractive front cover
  • Dimensions:- MFV2 40H x 21.5W x 32D (cms)





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