Fyne Audio Vintage 15 Speakers
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Fyne Audio Vintage 15 SpeakersFyne Audio Vintage 15 SpeakersFyne Audio Vintage 15 Speakers

Fyne Audio Vintage 15 Speakers

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Fyne Audio Vintage 15 Speakers


Representing the ultimate fusion of classic loudspeaker aesthetics with advanced acoustic engineering, the all-new Vintage Series is unashamedly traditional in aesthetics yet encapsulates Fyne’s Technical Director, Dr Paul Mills’, no-compromise approach to leading-edge acoustic engineering. A timeless traditional design with technology and engineering native to the 2020s.

Each model in the three strong Series features the latest iteration of the IsoFlare driver and FyneFlute roll surround. These commanding point source drivers combine a multi-fibre low frequency cone LF unit with a 75mm titanium dome compression tweeter driven by a powerful neodymium magnet system. Premium electronic components, Deep Cryogenically Treated crossovers and Fyne’s ultimate implementation of the BassTrax downward-firing port system, define the acoustic performance across the Vintage models.

Dressed in gloriously retro design, each model features a bespoke, hand-built, twin cavity cabinet fabricated from the finest birch plywood, then contoured into variable radius curves to stop standing waves. Encased in stunning, hand finished real Walnut veneer, with Burr Walnut inlays and gold anodised metalwork, the Vintage Series loudspeakers exude timeless luxury. Each model is fitted with Fyne’s Presence Adjustment dial, with a bespoke, hand-crafted knob perfectly weighted complementing the same luxurious feel as the cabinet finishes.


At the cutting edge of audio technology, Fyne Audio’s IsoFlare driver is a point source system whereby the bass/midrange driver shares a common centre with the high frequency unit. With constant directivity following the flare of the driver cone, sound is produced as if emanating from a single point in space, providing outstanding time alignment across the audio frequency spectrum and class leading stereo imaging, even off axis. Vintage models encompass Fyne’s very latest IsoFlare drivers, including the biggest IsoFlare Fyne has yet created in the Vintage Fifteen.

To fully optimise the driver’s performance for the Vintage Series, every aspect of the meticulous design has been considered. Eliminating unwanted vibrations, which would be detrimental to the sound quality, the Vintage IsoFlare drivers are built around a massive, rigid cast aluminium chassis, itself bonded to a dedicated cabinet brace using Fyne’s propriety material coupling compound. Large area multifibre mid/bass cones deliver excellent stiffness to weight ratio with sumptuously rich midrange, while their performance is further enhanced with FyneFlute roll surrounds that effectively terminate cone energy at the perimeter.

At the heart of the driver, the Vintage compression tweeters use Fyne’s flagship 75mm titanium dome diaphragm developed for the F1-10 and 12, giving a smooth, controlled and extended HF response. A vented rear chamber in the Neodymium HF magnet places the driver’s low frequency resonance well below the crossover region and pushes the break-up mode well above the level of human hearing. The unique geometry of the centrally mounted high frequency waveguide provides the flattest frequency response and allows the upper frequencies to expand naturally into the room.


The Vintage Series incorporates Fyne Audio’s BassTrax downward firing port system in its most advanced and highly tuned format to date, along with Fyne’s largest ever BassTrax implementation in the mighty Vintage Fifteen. Designed as an integrated part of the rigid birch ply cabinets, the lower chamber LF energy is vented downwards onto a large, Tractrix profile diffuser cone that transfers the plane wave LF energy into a 360 degree spherical wavefront.

The Tractrix profile of the diffuser cone maintains a 90 degree angle at each intersection of the expanding wavefront, thus avoiding reflections and creating a smooth bass response in-room. The result is an extended, smooth and incredibly tuneful LF response that integrates seamlessly into the room.

The clever system makes the Vintage loudspeaker much less critical of room positioning, further aiding home integration of the large cabinets. The system was originally applied to horn loudspeakers in the 1920, brought right up to date by Fyne Audio development and patented over the last five years.


Drawing heavily on the research and design behind the electronics for the flagship Fyne Audio F1-12, Vintage crossovers distil Dr Paul Mills’ 35+ years of experience in analogue crossover design into the finest, carefully auditioned components, hand-built with point to point wiring. For seamless room integration, each crossover incorporates subtle HF energy and Presence controls. These controls offer owners the option to indulge in lossless fine tuning to achieve the ultimate in personal and room tuned performance.

Each Vintage crossover is a true no compromise design, hand-built onto vibration damping fibreboard panels using some of the world’s finest electronic components, and tuned to deliver truly class leading performance. Leaning on those decades of premium loudspeaker design experience, the design team lead by Dr Paul Mills refined the crossover design by computer modelling, measurement and many hours of critical auditioning.

Featuring silver-plated Matched Crystal OFC wiring throughout, once fully assembled and tested, every Vintage crossover is Deep Cryogenically Treated at a specialist facility. This super freezing and slow thawing process relieves micro stresses in components, wiring and solder joints, maximising signal transfer and delivering greater transparency to the sound.


From the outside, the Vintage Series features sumptuous, luxury design cues taken from the high-end loudspeakers of days long since gone. The finest details include hand-built and finished Walnut veneers, Burr Walnut inlays, gold anodised metalwork trim and plinth style top panel. The beautiful, hand crafted Presence and Energy Adjustment control dial is pure analogue luxury in both form and function, and the wood framed grille cloth weave has been chosen to hark back to a much simpler era of audio.

Beneath that walnut veneer lies a heavyweight, twin cavity birch ply cabinet, with sides formed into contoured curves, designed to optimise mechanical performance and reduce standing waves. The interior architecture has been developed and then tuned to optimise the premium Vintage BassTrax porting system and provide the utmost stable platform for the HF driver. From classic seventies soul to twenties techno, Vintage models deliver the purest, cleanest and most accurate audio every time.

Each model in the Vintage line-up is a striking statement of 'timeless’ aesthetics, from the elegant Vintage Ten to the breath-taking Vintage Fifteen, underpinned by the latest in computer aided enclosure design and contemporary mechanical cabinet engineering. The pinnacle of UK loudspeaker design now harking to back to UK loudspeaker design of the past, ‘back in the day never sounded so good’.

The flagship masterpiece of the Vintage Series, the Vintage Fifteen is the full embodiment of Dr Paul Mills’ uncompromising design approach. Featuring Fyne’s largest,  most potent and dynamic IsoFlare driver to date, this prodigious point source transducer system pushes the boundaries of audio engineering. Employing a 380mm (15″) multi-fibre cone mid/bass driver with Fyne’s premium 75mm titanium dome, neodymium motor compression tweeter, and fed from Fyne’s highest specification and Deep Cryogenically Treated crossover, Vintage Fifteen delivers music with the precision and scale of a full orchestra. Built into a huge twin cavity, BassTrax ported birch ply cabinet wrapped in the finest walnut veneers with burr walnut inlays, machined metal components and the finest trim, Vintage Fifteen is the ultimate realisation of Dr Paul Mills’ exceptional vision to blend sumptuous timeless aesthetics with state-of-the-art engineering.

System Type 2 way, downwards firing port, with BassTrax Tractrix diffuser
Recommended amplifier power (Watt RMS) 20 - 400
Peak power handling (Watt) 800
Continuous power handling (Watt RMS) 200
Sensitivity (2.83 Volt @ 1m) 97dB
Nominal impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency response (-6dB typical in room) 22Hz- 26kHz
Drive unit complement 1 x 380mm IsoFlare point source driver, multi-fibre bass / midrange cone, with 75mm titanium alloy dome compression tweeter, neodymium magnet system
Crossover frequency 750Hz
Crossover type Bi-wired passive low loss, 2nd order low pass, 2nd order high pass, Deep Cryogenically Treated
System adjustments High frequency energy (750Hz - 26kHz) +/- 3dB Presence (2.5kHz - 5.0kHz) +/- 3dB
Dimensions - HxWxD 1152 x 683 x 691mm (45.4 x 26.9 x 27.2")
Finishes Walnut
Cabinet Construction Birch ply with oiled walnut and solid walnut trim, extensive internal bracing

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