Dynaudio Core Sub Compact Professional Subwoofer
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 Dynaudio Core Sub Compact Professional SubwooferDynaudio Core Sub Compact Professional Subwoofer 

Dynaudio Core Sub Compact Professional Subwoofer

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Dynaudio Core Sub Compact Professional Subwoofer

We know, and we agree: if the space exists for it, the full-size Core Sub is the way to go. More is more, after all. But for many studios, space is already lacking – and with rooms getting filled with ever more equipment thanks to increasing demands for immersive content, having a compact system that still packs a punch is more important than ever.
In size, Core Sub Compact is half a Core Sub. In performance, you’ll get everything you demand.
It digs down to 16Hz. It’ll put out 109dB at a listening distance of 1m (in a small studio, you’ll definitely know it’s there). It has a full set of DSP controls from the rest of the Core family. It uses 280W of high-quality Pascal amplification for each of its twin drive-units. And it won’t take up valuable floor or wall space.
We challenge you to find a meaningful low frequency it can’t handle, whatever your project.
More power to you
Core Sub Compact might be smaller in size, but in processing power it’s a giant. It uses the same amp module and DSP engine you’ll find in the rest of the Core family – which means you get all the customisation options you want, plus all the I/O connections you’d ever need. Analogue, AES digital… you can deal with everything from a 2.1-channel system right up to a full-on 9.1.6 immersive rig.
It also means total consistency with the rest of the Core family, regardless of which combination of speakers you use. Core Sub Compact’s tonality is identical to its higher-frequency cousins – it really is an integrated bass-extension system, not just a boom-box
Need more versatility?
You can use more than one Core Sub Compact in your system for more even bass-distribution. They’ll happily sit underneath or behind a desk, directly underneath a Core speaker (thanks to the built-in location indentations) or on a wall, courtesy of a standard VESA bracket.
And you don’t have to worry about vibration. The two Dynaudio MSP+ Hybrid Drive units work in an opposed configuration. Combine that with the ultra-stable cabinet and you can mix at maximum SPL with your priceless Ming vase sitting right on the sub. Worry-free.
The Hybrid Drive is a clever thing – specifically engineered for subwoofers. The rigid aluminium core is sandwiched between a layer of paper damping on the rear, and our proprietary MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) material in a cap on the front to eliminate ringing. Put the whole thing in front of a muscular ferrite magnet system and you’ve an incredibly solid engine for bass. Plus, you get two…
Reference monitoring is all about trust – and solid bass-management is crucial in letting you know exactly how your material and room really sound. Core Sub Compact is the way to hear it.



  • StatusCurrent
  • SegmentPro
  • SeriesCore
  • TypeSubwoofer
  • Analog inputs1x XLR female, balanced
  • Digital inputs1x AES3 XLR female 1x BNC word clock
  • Digital outputs1x AES3 XLR male, pass-through
  • Amplifier Power (W)2x 280 W
  • AC Power Input100 - 240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Auto on/offYes
  • Max Stand-by Power Consumption (W)0.48
  • Lower Cutoff (Hz @85 dB +/- 3 dB)16

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