Dali Sound Hub Compact
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Dali Sound Hub CompactDali Sound Hub CompactDali Sound Hub Compact

Dali Sound Hub Compact

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Dali Sound Hub Compact

The DALI SOUND HUB COMPACT is part of the DALI EQUI ecosystem, our range of active speakers and Sound Hubs. Streaming high resolution stereo audio to CALLISTO C, RUBICON C and OBERON C speakers, the SOUND HUB COMPACT is slim enough to fit behind a wall-mounted TV for a discreet, wireless audio solution.
Designed with seamless TV integration and Bluetooth audio in mind, the SOUND HUB COMPACT has everything needed to play the central role in a completely wireless active stereo Hi-Fi system. It can handle a variety of wired digital and analogue sources, including HDMI eARC, and it pairs with Bluetooth audio devices such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, laptops and desktop computers. And with automatic input switching and intuitive source-based volume control, the SOUND HUB COMPACT is an invaluable part of any DALI EQUI system.
The wireless connection between the SOUND HUB COMPACT and DALI EQUI speakers like our OBERON C is highly stable and lossless, using a 24 bit/96 kHz connection. And with an input-to-speaker latency of under 15 ms, you don't need to worry about sync issues when watching movies. With the SOUND HUB COMPACT, DALI wireless active speakers can be placed up to 10 m away.
The SOUND HUB COMPACT features an optical S/PDIF input for CD players and other conventional digital audio sources equipped with a digital optical output. A second optical input enables compatible TVs to automatically turn the SOUND HUB COMPACT on so it's ready to fill the room with amazing wireless active Hi-Fi sound right away.
Bluetooth connectivity is built right into the SOUND HUB COMPACT. Connect any audio source supporting Bluetooth and play music stored locally or via your favourite streaming service in seconds. The SOUND HUB COMPACT also supports AAC, aptX and aptX HD audio from compatible devices for impressive high-resolution audio playback up to 24 bit/48 kHz.
The SOUND HUB COMPACT's analogue input is where audiophile tradition meets the future of wireless active Hi-Fi. Using advanced analogue to digital conversion, the SOUND HUB COMPACT converts audio from sources like CD players, turntables and RIAA phono preamplifiers into a high resolution, better-than-CD quality, 24 bit/96 kHz stream for the best possible audio reproduction.
The SOUND HUB COMPACT includes a volume-controlled, line-level analogue subwoofer output that switches on automatically when a subwoofer is detected. For seamless integration with the rest of the system, the output is low-pass filtered to match the frequency characteristics of the main speakers. Using the optional DALI WSR (Wireless Subwoofer Receiver), the SOUND HUB COMPACT can connect wirelessly to any active subwoofer for a full-range 2.1 stereo system.

Input Impedance RCA [Ω]



Input Sensitivity RCA [V]



Connection Input

2 x Optical (TosLink), RCA (Analouge Stereo), HDMI ARC, IR Sensor input, Chromecast Ready


Connection Output

SUB Out (RCA), USB Charge Output (5V/1.5A)


Output Voltage Max. Sub-Out [V]



Maximum digital resolution [bits/kHz]

24 / 192


Wireless Input

Bluetooth 5.0 (AAC, aptX, aptX HD)

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