Fyne Audio SuperTrax Series Supertweeter
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Fyne Audio SuperTrax Series SupertweeterFyne Audio SuperTrax Series SupertweeterFyne Audio SuperTrax Series SupertweeterFyne Audio SuperTrax Series Supertweeter

Fyne Audio SuperTrax Series Supertweeter

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Fyne Audio SuperTrax Series Supertweeter

Improve your existing system
The SuperTrax works at its optimum with our IsoFlare point source driver, however any loudspeaker will see improvements in sound.
360 degree experience
By using our patented time aligned omnidirectional super tweeter, reflected energy in the room has the same harmonic structure as the direct on axis energy, thus giving advantages in perceived air and space
Reach 60kHz with our TPCD dome
Aluminium, titanium and magnesium range in order from around 20kHz to 32kHz and whereas considered out of the audio band, this can be perceived as harshness. Our Unique Thin Ply Carbon Diaphragm (TPCD) material allows multiple break up points and higher frequencies to be reached for a more natural sound.
Sensational Sound
The essence of music lies not only in the depth of its bass, the texture and details of its mids, but also in the clarity of its highs. Tastefully crafted to echo Vintage Series’ design influences, SuperTrax transcends the traditional audio experience, extending the frequency range of your loudspeakers several octaves above the usual limit of human hearing. This extension enriches your music with increased tonal accuracy, a more pronounced transient response, and a sense of air and space, enhancing even the lowest frequencies. We are used to the concept of adding a subwoofer which not only adds bass but improves the phase accuracy of the music. Adding a super tweeter does the same at high frequencies, and it’s the extended phase accuracy which preserves the music’s harmonic structure, that’s a big part of what we “feel”.
360 Degree Imaging
We know the higher the frequency the more likely beaming like a torch can occur. To overcome this we moved beyond the conventional forward firing super tweeter. The SuperTrax’s omnidirectional design radiates energy through 360 degrees, enveloping you in a sphere of coherent sound. This is made possible by our patented SuperTrax tractrix radiator with its revolutionary approach to sound dispersion.
Revealing Harmonic Detail
Every loudspeaker or audio device exhibits a low pass filter function and consequently acts as a frequency independent time delay in the pass band, otherwise known as a linear phase response.
To reduce the low frequency phase error, we would add a subwoofer, which does more than just add bass. It is this reduction of phase error that is one of the main benefits of a well integrated subwoofer. Music with no apparent bass content will sound more natural when this error is removed.
Likewise, the addition of a super tweeter, time aligned to the acoustic centre of the IsoFlare, will reduce the high frequency phase error by moving the low pass roll off point much higher. So even if we ignore for now the perception of sound above 20kHz, the addition of a super tweeter will better preserve the harmonic relationship between instruments and is apparent down to low frequencies. This is a very important fact which is not intuitive.
A Spectrum Beyond Hearing
Research reveals that musical instruments emit energy up to 50kHz and beyond frequencies once thought to be beyond our perception. Yet, research has shown that these ultrasonic tones do influence our auditory experience, even if they’re not directly audible. The SuperTrax captures this spectrum, ensuring you’re not just listening to music-you’re perceiving it.
The Revolution of TPCD
At the heart of the SuperTrax lies the Thin Ply Carbon Diaphragm, a new type of dome material, allowing frequencies to reach up to 60kHz, before introducing a controlled break-up of sound. This enables a linear and extended frequency response without distortion, thus delivering sound with high accuracy as the artist intended.

Maximum Recommended amplifier power (Watt RMS)

Sensitivity (2.83 Volt @ 1m)
Suitable for loudspeakers up to 98dB typically

Nominal impedance
8 Ohm

Frequency response (-6dB typical in room)
16kHz -60kHz

Drive unit complement
25mm (1”) Thin Ply Carbon Diaphragm (TPCD)
with neodymium magnet system

Crossover type
3rd order high pass 16kHz, Cryogenically treated

System adjustments
+/- 3dB from nominal setting

Dimensions – HxWxD
86 x 140 x 257mm (3.4 x 5.5 x 10.1”)

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