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Anthony Wilson - Frogtown Vinyl LP GHR-004LP
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Anthony Wilson - Frogtown Vinyl LP GHR-004LP

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Anthony Wilson - Frogtown Vinyl LP GHR-004LP

Renowned guitarist Anthony Wilson has a nifty trick up his sleeve on the intimate Frogtown on which the Diana Krall instrumentalist proves he's as compelling in the vocal department as he is with the six-string. A narrative-based album on which Wilson convincingly steps into the role of storyteller, the all-original set features a who's who of musicians – drummers Jim Keltner and Matt Chamberlain, bassist Mike Elizondo, violinist Petra Haden, and keyboardists Patrick Warren and Josh Nelson. Organic, and splashed with atmospheric textures and complex emotions, Frogtown transports the listener to evocative landscapes painted with rich arrangements, taut interplay, and virtuosic playing. The Elizondo-produced work also boasts stunning audiophile sound – particularly on the evocative analog version.
Mastered by Bernie Grundman and pressed at RTI, this 2LP set delights with wide-ranging dynamics, pristine soundstaging cues, and gorgeous detail. The transparency, three-dimensionality, layering, and balance will make it a go-to test disc for anyone interested in giving their system a workout. But beyond the sonics, the music and band interplay impress most.


LP 1 Side A

  • 01. She Won't Look Back
  • 02. Frogtown
  • 03. Your Footprints 

LP 2 Side B

  • 04. Occhi di Bambola
  • 05. Silver and Flint
  • 06. Our Affair

LP 2 Side C

  • 07. The Cares of A Family Man
  • 08. Mopeds
  • 09. Arcadia

LP 2 Side D

  • 10. The Geranium
  • 11. Shabby Bird
  • 12. I Saw It Through the Skylight
  • 13. Downtown Abbey


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