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ZYX Cartridges

Sensational audiophile cartridges

Regarded as one, if not the top cartridge manufacturers in the world, ZYX (pronounced "zikks") is now establishing itself in the UK.

"The natural detail and extension is almost startling after years of living with Benzes and Koetsus and Clearaudios and Shelters and van Den Huls and whatevers. This is one major area that drives vinyl lovers to change cartridges to find that ideal balance between enjoying fine detail and life-like resolution, but without any artificial harshness and glare".

Distinctive Features

Each ZYX cartridge in their line-up has its own unique attributes, ranging from cryogenically purified silver coils to solid boron cantilevers. The point is, ZYX will go to any length to make their cartridges sound better. And they have succeeded quite nicely

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Page 1 of 1:    2 Items
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