Xhadow Female XLR Connectors (Pair)
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Xhadow Female XLR Connectors (Pair)

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Xhadow Female XLR Connectors (Pair)

The Xhadow Precision XLR is easily the finest XLR in the world.

The Xhadow Precision XLR has been designed with respect for the audiophile perspective: Precision, purity, simplicity and elegance.

Regarding the manufacture - the main barrel and rear-nut are machined from pure aluminium rod-stock and hard anodized in "Xhadow Gray" for a durable and non-conductive finish.

This assembly houses an internal strain relief machined from brass.

Into this barrel assembly fits the female plug part:

An outer passive shell machined from brass and mirror chrome plated, holds a machined Teflon dielectric, in which the silver plated pure OFC copper machined contacts are held.

Each contact allows the termination of the wire to be an air tight joint via set-screw, or a solder joint, or both; giving the cable designer and manufacturer or DIY'er connection choices and great ease of assembly. The shell is engraved "XHADOW" along the top arc of the shell's front border indicating the top-orientation.

The fit of these connectors is smooth but very strong, with a tremendous amount of contact pressure to ensure perfect and consistent signal passage with a minimum of contact resistance.

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