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WireWorld Ultraviolet USB A to Mini B Cable 2.0m - Brand New Old Stock
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WireWorld Ultraviolet USB A to Mini B Cable 2.0m - Brand New Old Stock

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Wireworld Ultraviolet A to Mini B USB Digital Audio Cable 2.0m - Brand New Old Stock

"The gains in low-end body and punch, mid-range spaciousness and detail, and high-end smoothness alone are significant. Compared with a giveaway lead, the sound of the Wireworld is leagues ahead"


As more enthusiasts adopt digital solutions for their audio requirements more and more people are using a computer with an outboard DAC. Throw away the stock USB cable and enjoy a significant sonic improvement.

It's not just 1's and 0's, it's the timing!!

There is a fundamental difference between the transfer of computer data and digital audio signals. Computers are able to transfer digital data without loss, because the data moves in the robust form of blocks, which do not depend on specific timing between the sending and receiving devices. However, digital audio signals are continuous streams of data, which are quite fragile, since the digital processor must remain perfectly locked onto the timing of the signal to avoid data losses.

The Limitations of digital audio processors and cables create timing errors known as jitter, which remove portions of the audio signal and replace them with noise and distortion. Cables tend to round off the square waveforms of the signal, making them less clear to the processor, thus increasing jitter. This rounding effect varies greatly among cables and a truly superior digital audio cable can make great improvements in sound quality.

WireWorld digital audio cables utilize unique designs specifically developed to minimize jitter by providing sharper, cleaner leading edges on the digital waveform. At each price level, they provide the lowest jitter available, producing distinct improvements in clarity, image focus, smoothness and dynamic range.

WireWorld USB cables feature a unique flat design that reduces jitter to provide improved sound quality in media server, PC audio, and other digital music applications. The unique flat cable design not only improves performance, but it allows you to connect digital music devices over longer distances – for instance, a laptop PC across the room from the home theatre system.

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