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Watson's 7-inch Vacuum Arm
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Watson's 7-inch Vacuum Arm

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Watson's 7-inch Vacuum Arm

This dedicated cleaning arm will keep your 7-inch singles free from audio distortion, pops, clicks, and other unwanted sounds caused by grease, grime, fingerprints, dust, and contaminants.

Designed exclusively for use with 7-inch vinyl records on the Watson’s Record Cleaning Machine, the 7-inch vacuum arm quickly and thoroughly removes all traces of cleaning fluid, along with debris that was removed by the brush during cleaning, from the surface of 7-inch vinyl records.

Using the 7-inch vacuum arm, which was specifically designed for 7-inch records, ensures proper and complete suctioning of all cleaning fluid from the surface of the disc and prevents the spillover of fluid onto the Record Cleaning Machine’s platter, where fluid could contact and damage the label on the underside of the record being cleaned. 

A small tool that holds 7-inch vinyl in its place is included in the delivery because the standard 12-inch clamp cannot be used for 7-inch vinyl.

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