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VPI Magnetic Drive Platter
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VPI Magnetic Drive Platter

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VPI Magnetic Drive Platter

The Magnetic Drive System is a unique design utilizing two platters that do not touch each other and allow independent rotation.

Each platter has six powerful imbedded magnets that allow the upper platter to partially float above the lower drive platter. Approximately 80% of the upper platter weight is supported by the opposing magnets and 20% of the load is supported by the inverted bearing. The magnetic field of the magnets overlap acting like a gear to transmit rotation power from the lower driven platter to the upper platter without physical contact. Noise, wow and flutter levels are exceptionally low.

The magnets are close to the bearing and do not interfere with the phono cartridge. VPI's Magnetic Drive System is the ultimate vibration filter for a high-end turntable drive system.

The Periphery Ring Clamp shown is not included in the price and is purchased separately.

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