Crystal Cable Diamond USB Cable
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 Crystal Cable Diamond USB CableCrystal Cable Diamond USB Cable 

Crystal Cable Diamond USB Cable

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Crystal Cable Diamond USB Cable

You’ve heard the old saying “less is more”? 

The Diamond Series is the ultimate audio expression of that philosophy. By using unique, high-tech materials in radically different combinations we can eliminate unnecessary elements and the undesirable side effects they entail. All cables within the Diamond Series feature a patented metallurgical process that injects pure gold in between silver crystals. This advanced metallurgy - which is a unique breakthrough in the high-end audio market - developed by and exclusive for Crystal Cable and Siltech, prevents the crystals from oxidising. This ensures that the electrical behaviour of the sound signal remains constant over a very long period of time while simultaneously reducing micro-distortion.

The silver-gold central core is helically wound with two, thin layers of low-loss, ultra-rigid Kapton insulation, reducing dielectric loss and mechanical intermodulation. A silver screen is covered in a minimalist Teflon jacket to create the simplest and most perfect construction possible. The result is almost impossibly thin and flexible cables that are virtually all conductor, with the least possible insulation and lowest possible sonic fingerprint.

The Diamond Series cables take consistency to a whole new level, employing identical conductors across each cable type, improving rhythmic flow and phase coherence, finally allowing your system to show its full potential. Its size and quality mean that every Diamond cable fits in every kind of room and lets you enjoy any kind of high resolution music to the fullest.

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