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SOTA Comet Series III Turntable
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 SOTA Comet Series III TurntableSOTA Comet Series III Turntable 

SOTA Comet Series III Turntable

Includes SOTA S303 Tonearm

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SOTA Comet Series III Turntable

Available in Textured Black or High Gloss Black

The COMET dustcover is available as an additional accessory at £159.99

The SOTA COMET III turntable offers affordability and engineering dexterity in one marvellous machine. With the SOTA Comet, you'll hear music rendered cleanly and quietly. This is because the Comet isolates noise and vibration from affecting its groove retrieval function. And this is what differentiates it from other turntables and the reason why the Comet continues to be highly positioned in the firmament of high-end turntables. The acclaimed Rega S301 tonearm mates exquisitely with the Sota Comet turntable. The S-301 tonearm offers adjustable anti-skating, damped cueing, and can accommodate a wide range of cartridges.

During the record playing process, every part of a turntable is subject to a variety of internally and externally caused vibrations. To deal effectively with the distortions caused by these vibrations, each distortion generated mechanism must be addressed and resolved if it is to achieve the goal of bringing you closest to the musical experience.

SOTA has taken an entirely different approach to the Comet platter design. The platter on the Comet is made of special high-density polymers. The Comet incorporates dampening material sandwiched between two layers of precision-machined 3/8" Plexiglas to create a thick, massive platter. An interface mat is added to both platters, for the best possible record-to-mat interface.

And because of the energy-dissipative property of polymers, various types of polymer materials are used throughout the Comet, not only for the main platter, but also for the sub-platter and bearing cup assembly. The Spindle/Bearing Assembly of the Comet is a state-of-the-art design, and one of the keys to their outstanding performance. Once again, SOTA has turned to the performance advantage of polymers. The bearing cup is manufactured of a high-tech material called TURCITE™. TURCITE™ is a Teflon-impregnated, self-lubricating polymer designed specifically for ultra-precise bearing applications, and is ideally suited to the turntable spindle/bearing function.

The Drive System of the Comet consists of a high-density polymer sub-platter driven by a 24-pole AC synchronous motor originally designed for ultra-precise computer use. The motor drives a precision-ground, low-tension belt which provides a vibration-free drive system for the rotating assembly of the turntable.


"I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the SOTA Comet.  This is a well-designed system and its parts and materials work in harmony to produce considerable musical enjoyment for a modest investment."  
-Victor Chavira, Positive Feedback, July 2004

"The quietness of the Comet never ceased to amaze me.  I highly recommend the SOTA Comet for anyone who wants to get into vinyl and not have to be an engineer to get the most out of the experience!"  
-Ed Morawski, Positive Feedback, July 2004

SOTA Comet..."engineering is what the Comet delivers."  
-Michael Fremer, Stereophile, February 2003

Stereophile Recommended Component (2003, 2004, & 2005)

The Comet turntable includes the precision S-303 tonearm, a one-piece, tapered arm -tube design which yields exceptional performance by offering maximum rigidity, optimal coupling of cartridge to arm, and cancellation of inner arm resonance. It utilizes precision ground bearings for minimal friction and exceptional durability. The S303 tonearm offers adjustable anti-skating, damped cueing, and can accommodate a wide range of cartridges.


RUMBLE   Less than -65db unweighted (10cm/sec @ 1000 Hz)
WOW & FLUTTER        Less than .1% RMS (DIN 45-507)
PLATTER   Two layers of 3/8" thick plexiglas sandwiching energy absorbing dampening materials, interface mat
MOTOR   A/C synchronous
BEARING   Polished shaft on hardened chrome steel ball in TURCITE® spindle sleeve
TRANSMISSION   Belt driven
SPEEDS   33-1/3 and 45 RPM
WEIGHT   26 lb (12 kg)
DIMENSIONS   6-1/4" H (to top of dust cover), 18-1/4" W, 14-1/4 " D

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