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Pro-Ject VPO 175 Special Limited Edition Turntable
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 Pro-Ject VPO 175 Special Limited Edition TurntablePro-Ject VPO 175 Special Limited Edition Turntable 

Pro-Ject VPO 175 Special Limited Edition Turntable

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Please note these are built to order, built time is currently 6-8 weeks. Minimum 50% non refundable deposit required, as they are personalised to each customer.

Pro-Ject VPO 175 Special Edition Turntable

175 year jubilee state of the art turntable

175th anniversary turntable based on The Classic with the same materials used for Philharmoniker instruments, MC Ortofon head, commemorative plaque and wooden crate.

Pro-Ject VPO 175 Record player is a limited edition turntable, produced to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the most famous and prestigious in the world.

The project is based on the The Classic model of last year, but with a superior build quality and tolerances reduced to the minimum. The turntable is built with the same materials as the musical instruments.


For the lacquered base the wood of the violins is used, while the golden metal frame is based on the brass instruments of the Wiener Philharmoniker. The arm lifting mechanism and the ignition and speed change knob are derived from the keys of a flute. The turntable is equipped with an aluminum "S" arm with an interchangeable shell, on which a MC head supplied by Ortofon is mounted.

Premium Build

Uniquely, 175 – The Vienna Philharmonic Recordplayer is fashioned from material found in musical instruments. The wooden chassis and the lacquer of the 175 correspond to that of a violin. The gilded metal chassis is based on the brass instruments of the orchestra, while the fingerlift comes from a clarinet flap. Even the knob for switching on and changing speeds comes from a flute button.


The technical heart of the turntable is the latest in record player design from Pro-Ject Audio Systems, based on Pro-Ject’s multi-award-winning model, “The Classic.” The design team has improved every technical detail, and produced the new model according to Pro-Ject’s highest standard of build quality, with the tightest tolerances.


Supplied with the 175 is a hand-selected cartridge, the result of a collaboration with Ortofon, based on their top-of-the-line Cadenza series. The housing of the cartridge is made from a very high damping alloy, carefully polished to match the surface of the turntable. The outcome is an extremely mellifluous sound, reflecting the goal of this collaboration: to approximate as closely as possible the sound of the world-famous Vienna Philharmonic.

Limited Edition

The production of the Vienna Philharmonic Recordplayer is limited to 175 units, each with a serial number plate and the owner's name on the back. Each piece is hand-built over a period of two months and delivered in a wooden box. Even the accessories are supplied in an exclusive wooden case. It is available in two colours: Dark Cello or Bright Violin.

Key Features

  • Only 175 pieces worldwide made in collaboration with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra 
  • Each will be personalised for buyer with a golden plate and certificate of product origin
  • Ortofon MC head derived from Cadenza series and made exclusively for VPO 175 included 
  • Plate made of a special aluminum alloy, internally dampened with the use of TPE 
  • Central pin and steel / bronze / teflon bearing

Tech Specs


- Nominal speeds: 33/45 rpm (electronic)
- Drive principle: beltdrive
- Platter: Aluminum, 300mm diameter
- Axle main bearing: stainless steel
- Wow /flutter: (33/45) ±0.10% / ±0.09%
- Speed variance: (33/45) ±0.13% / ±0.10%
- Signal to noise: 72dB
- Tonearm: 9“ Alu S-Shape, Brass Headshell
- Cartridge: High-End MC Ortofon 175
- Power: 110/ 120 or 230/240V (50/60Hz)
- consumption: max 5W, <0.5W (Standby)
- Dimensions (WHD): 462 x 131 x 351mm
- Weight: 13 kg net

- Record clamp
- Leather pad
- Dust cover
- High end phono cable
- Precision scale

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