Pro-Ject Debut Pro S Turntable
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 Pro-Ject Debut Pro S TurntablePro-Ject Debut Pro S Turntable 

Pro-Ject Debut Pro S Turntable

Supplied with a pre-fitted Ortofon Pick-It S2 Cartridge

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Pro-Ject Debut Pro S Turntable

Pre-adjusted Pick-IT S2 C cartridge
10" S-Shape aluminium tonearm
Precision aluminium platter with TPE damping
Fully adjustable VTA

The Debut PRO S is designed for mindful music listeners. Those who want to interact with their vinyl intimately, and who seek to achieve a high-performance sound worthy of far more expensive record playing systems.  

 The Debut PRO S takes the basic Debut design but expands on it with a new 10” S-Shape tonearm, which fundamentally changes the nature of the turntable. First, the new tonearm features an aluminium tube mounted into a precision milled bearing housing, which sits on top of a mounting plate that allows for VTA adjustment – facilitating an advanced level of turntable set-up. It also boasts an SME-type connector for easy switching between headshells – allowing you to build a collection of cartridges that suit different musical styles or types of records. The Debut PRO S is supplied with the Pro-Ject Pick-IT S2 C cartridge pre-installed for great stereo sound straight out of the box. 

As a result of the new tonearm, the Debut PRO S also features a larger MDF main chassis. Like other Debut models this is machine-made to provide a stable, inert base for the turntable to perform. The traditional rectangular footprint has a timeless minimalism, finished in a luxurious satin black paint, masking its clever anti-resonance properties. 

 The in-house designed and manufactured AC drive motor is made to fine tolerances for minimal noise, but to further eliminate any potential interference the motor is decoupled from the main chassis by a mounting plate with TPE-damped fixing points. The mounting plate isolates the motor while still keeping it perfectly level with the sub-platter drive system for absolute speed stability. The turntable plinth also sits on three height-adjustable metal feet with TPE-damping. The result is a platform free from unwanted vibrations, ideally suited to record playback.  

 The Debut PRO S is equipped to play 33 and 45 RPM records with a simple switch of the hidden rocker switch, underneath the chassis. When setting to 45 RPM playback and replacing the drive belt with the included round belt on the larger pulley ring, the turntable can also play 78 RPM records. As well as bringing convenience to the overall design, the speed control system also ensures the motor rotation is electronically regulated for total accuracy and stability. 

 The motor drives a sub-platter system for a more elegant overall aesthetic. The heavy, diamond cut aluminium sub-platter is mounted into a precision-engineered main bearing with bronze bushing. The sub-platter sits beneath the heavy aluminium platter, which has a ring of TPE damping, held in place by an additional stabilising ring of aluminium, effectively damping all resonances. The high mass of the overall platter assembly minimises the effects of wow and flutter for a cleaner sonic performance and exceptional musical timing. 

Intensive research, development and listening tests have been necessary to gain the exact sound that Pro-Ject were looking for in producing the Debut PRO S. By adding more unique features than ever before to a Debut design, the result is a still-affordable turntable that offers unrivalled flexibility at the price point. 

 Supplied with the Pick-IT S2 C cartridge pre-installed, all the accessories you need, a dust cover and a Connect-IT E phono cable in the box, the Debut PRO S is ready to play once it’s connected to a hi-fi system with a moving magnet phono stage. 

Key Features:
Pre-adjusted Pick it PRO cartridge
8.6” one-piece carbon-aluminium tonearm
Precision aluminium platter with TPE damping
Fully adjustable VTA
Nickel-plated aluminium bearing block
Motor suspension with better damping
Height-adjustable metal feet
Electronic speed switch
Precision belt drive with electronic speed control
8x hand-painted MDF chassis
Premium semi-symmetrical phono cable
Gold plated RCA connectors
Dust cover included
Handmade in Europe
Available in Satin Black

Technical Data
Speed: 33 / 45 / 78 RPM (78 RPM requires manual adjustment)
Drive principle: Belt drive with electronic speed control
Platter: 300mm die cast aluminium platter with TPE damping and felt mat
Wow & Flutter: 33 = 0.16% / 45 = 0.14% 
Speed Drift: 33 = 0.40% / 45 = 0.50% 
Signal to Noise: 68dB 
Tonearm: 10" S-Shape aluminium; SME connector 
Effective Arm Length: 254mm
Effective Arm Mass: 8.0g 
Overhang: 16mm
Included Accessories: 15V DC / 0.8A power supply, dust cover,
78 RPM round belt, 7" single adapter
Power Consumption: 4W / 0W standby
Dimensions: 462 x 145 x 345mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 7.0kg net 

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