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Oracle Audio Delphi VI Turntable
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Oracle Audio Delphi VI Turntable

Oracle Mk VI is elegant, exotic, legendary.

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Oracle Audio Delphi MK VI Turntable

  • Available with clear or black acrylic base
  • Priced from £8595.00 to £10895.00
  • Delphi MK VI is Oracle Audio's flagship product

The MK VI is the first Oracle product in 30 years to receive the Golden Award ... the Analogue Grand Prix 2010 in Japan

When the first Oracle deck arrived in the UK at the beginning of the '80s its looks certainly turned heads. Thirty years on, this latest Delphi Mk VI is as stunning as ever.

"Attention to detail"

A beautifully built open chassis turntable aiming to offer superb finish. The attention to detail and care of finish exhibit a substantial amount of pride in manufacture.

MK V owners can enjoy an upgrade package specially tailored for them.

The Delphi is a remarkably handsome work of art. Clearly a refinement over its predecessors, the new Mk VI is engineered to a level that the industry is invited to emulate. Accurate reproduction of music begins with a clear understanding of the problems involved. Record playback occurs in a sea of unwanted vibrations.

"Unique suspension system"

External vibrations from loudspeakers and footfalls of people walking in the room are transmitted to the record through the air and the room structure. Internal vibrations from the turntable motor, the platter main bearing system and from the record itself also interfere with the recovery of musical information. Even the tiniest vibrations during playback can result in the loss of fine details. Equally damaging to musical integrity is the distortion that extraneous vibrations add to the sound. For musical reproduction to be accurate, the record groove has to be completely isolated from such sources of vibration. Because the world itself vibrates, the turntable must be immune to surrounding vibrations.

Oracle`s suspension system has proven to be among the very best in the industry. In order to achieve an impeccable natural finish on most machined parts, diamond-tool cutting is extensively used. To seal and preserve their beautiful appearance, all aluminium components are coated with a high gloss polyester lacquer. Experiencing an Oracle after any other record playing system is like rediscovering your recordings all over again!


The Delphi subchassis / platter / tonearm assembly is suspended by a tripedal mounting, which eliminates room vibrations. Each suspension tower assembly combines 12 different components, using 7 different mechanical filters, all working as a whole to efficiently control unwanted vibrations.

Bearing assembly

The traditional two bearing system has been replaced by a new system using six precision surfaced nylon screws. With this, Oracle reaches the highest level of rotational accuracy.  MK 6 bearing system.

Motor and drive belt

Oracle selected a specially designed AC synchronous motor. The Delphi MK V features a dual current drive circuitry. This provides maximum start-up torque energy and minimum efficient operational energy, which guarantees lowest possible motor vibration. The molded belt plays an important role in maintaining maximum speed stability.


The maximum rigidity of the 4kg (8.8 pound) platter is immune to vibration by distributing most of the mass around it’s outer edge. The flywheel effect increases momentum. Record coupling system (standard): Oracle pioneered the now well established “record clamp system” to solve specific vinyl disc “warp” problems.


The Oracle acrylic mat made from specially formulated polymer shows better matching characteristics (impedance) with the vinyl disc.


Oracle demonstrates that superior engineering can also be aesthetic. The hand brushed aluminum with a clear laquer coated skeletal subchassis will dissipate unwanted energy through efficient coupling and clamping methods. Maximum rigidity, minimal surface area and energy control are key design.  Plinth: The standard plinth is Clear Acrylic. An optional Black Granite plinth is available for an extra charge.

Power supply

The Delphi MK 6 comes standard with a regular power supply. The optional Turbo Power Supply is the result of an extensive development and performance comparisons between reference elements such as special batteries and monstrous power source. The Oracle Turbo Power supply outperformed them all! The turbo power source transforms an outstanding performance into a wonderful musical experience. Both power supplies ship with a removable power cord.

Tonearm (optional)

The Oracle/SME tonearm provides superbly detailed and transparent sound, making the music seem more alive and open. This tonearm offers differing pivot to stylus distances and was designed for the needs of a broader market requiring alternative arm length and interchangeable shell facility. The internal wiring of the tone arm is upgraded to Van den Hul MCS150 silver litz.

Optional Turbo Power Supply:  A sophisticated high performance "Turbo" power line conditioner supply is available, as an extra-cost option.


  • Suspension: tripedal mounting
  • Platter weight: 4Kg
  • Motor: AC dual current drive
  • Dimensions: 363 x 475 x 150 mm
  • Weight: 18Kg Acrylic base
  • Weight: 27Kg Granite base

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