Nottingham Analogue Anna Log Turntable
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Nottingham Analogue Anna Log Turntable

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Nottingham Analogue Anna Log Turntable

The Anna Log turntable is a masterpiece at controlling unwanted resonances. Rather than allow the resonances to scatter every which way, like a stone falling into a pond sends waves out in all directions, the lovely wooden chassis (or ‘log’) whch is made from either Sapele or aged Oak, helps to break down unwanted resonances and forces them to run east to west, and vice-versa. Since resonances travel in a direction known to us we are able to guide and control the vibration which is then damped at either end by varying lengths of damping material. Thus the resonances do not return a millisecond later to compete with the musical information that is happening now. Each ‘log’ is made by joining sections of the timber in a rotational fashion allowing the audio frequencies to disperse away from the platter, once the ‘log’ is machined and dressed it is allowed to season, only then is it ready to be made into the ‘AnnaLog’

The feet of the Anna have special rubber that has an affinity with 50Hz. This is excellent for helping to damp motor resonance. Motor resonance is further minimized by the tried and tested use of our very low powered motors. Thus in the Anna there is an absolute minimum of vibration going into the bearing platter, arm and styli interface.

The thrust of an Anna has a pump so each time the outside of the platter moves 100th of a millimeter the thrust bearing has a complete change of oil. The platter is a gravity spun cast iron, and has no imperfections on its surface or internally to cause it to be out of balance. The centre of both sides of the platter has been removed so most of the weight is on the outside giving a very great movement of inertia. The platter is carried by a spindle of cobalt steel onto a special thrust bearing. On top of the cast iron platter sits a 25mm thick graphite 'mat' providing complete damping along the top of platter. Three expansion rings on the side of the platter further eliminate resonances without affecting the speed of getting rid of the unwanted platter/stylus resonances. With resonances absolutely vanquished the turntable will only play the music being performed now, not the history, not the future.

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