Michell Engineering Gyrodec SE Turntable
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Michell Engineering Gyrodec SE Turntable

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Please note that our Michell Engineering products are available to the UK only.

Michell Gyrodec SE Turntable

  • Available in silver or black

For many decades, Michel Engineering have combined high quality materials with precision engineering to produce some of the most distinctive looking turntables to grace the shelves of audiophile dealers everywhere. Since 1981, this mantle has been held by the Michel GyroDec, a beautiful combination of metal and acrylic. This is set to continue with the GyroDec SE, a version which minimises the normally expansive acrylic plinth and discards the acrylic dust cover.

The gold plated brass weights mesmerise as the acrylic/vinyl platter rotates, demanding that the turntable be looked at as well as listened to. It's sound echoes it's engineering. Clear. Precise.

There are optional upgrades available in the form of the offboard HR power supply, heavyweight platter, and record clamp. Specific arm plates can also be purchased to allow the use of most tonearms.


  • Spider chassis, suspended stable subchassis
  • Massive acrylic/vinyl platter of high inertia, with gold-plated brass weights
  • Inverted oil-pumping bearing
  • Custom arm boards available for most tonearms
  • High-quality standalone DC motor
  • Optional clamp
  • Optional HR supply
  • Optional Orbe-style platter and clamp
  • Optional dust cover
  • Finished in silver or black

Tonearm choices are Michell's own Technoarm , Rega's. A good starting point, through to any of the Origin Live arms , right up to the SME Series IV and V. Interchangeable arm plates are easily available.

Please note:

  • We have the Gyrodec on permanent demonstration, please contact us to hear this beautiful turntable
  • Michell turntables are built to order. Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery


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Beautiful to look and to hear
27 January 2022  | 

I got this as my first turntable based on reviews. Its paired with t3 tonearm from michell, hana eh cartridge, musical fidelity mx vinyl phono stage. The sound is amazing…highly recommend!

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JA Michell Gyro SE
19 May 2020  | 

Over the years I have always had an ear for sound and an even more love of music. The equipment just came naturally and over time my system became better in dynamics, power, refinement, clarity, and all the words that we use to describe a really fine sound system. Now, I have reached a sort of pinnacle of resources and feelings of wanting more. For many years I listened to vinyl on really good tables ( Thornes TD160, Rega P3, Project Xtension 10) but these tables left me longing for either more refinement or more dynamics and punch. Then came the JA Michell Gyro SE (I have Techno Arm) and everything I was looking for came together in an awesome looking decades-old proven design. What I love about this table are the connections or the way in which it connects, there are no breaks from the cartridge clips to the RCA's, which I find a breath of fresh air after dealing with 5 pin DIN connectors on multi thousand dollar tables. The sound is very accurate and dynamic with a lively fun make you wanna dance sound and a sit in your chair and close your eyes sound, either way....with a proper cartridge and phono preamp you will not want for anything, and if you do you can upgrade to your hearts content!

Matt M

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Superb piece of equipment
16 October 2016  | 

For years I have marvelled at the engineering that as gone into the GyroDec, and finally I have managed purchased one. This is a superb turntable that not only looks great, but sounds great as well. My only criticism is the lack of detailed assembly instructions that came from Michell. I finally gave up with the one's supplied, and downloaded some with more detail & photo's included.

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Michell gyro SE ,Superb
05 August 2016  | 

What a fantastic deck, Building was easy with help from Italian man on U-tube. Thanks Analogue seduction for guidance on my purchase.

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A superb package
19 July 2015  | 

Having admired this deck for it's looks as much as anything else for many years, I finally took the plunge and bought one.

It was well worth the wait from ordering. It arrives requiring a little work to put it altogether, but is easily done within 30 minutes or so.

The sound is superb. I use an Origin Live Silver Mark 3a arm, coupled with an Ortofon Cadenza Red cartridge. This combination digs out the sound from deep well measured bass, through a detailed mid and exquisite treble. I've owned a number of decks over the years, but this is best in both sound and looks.

Buy with confidence and a big thank you to Gary as well for his help in getting me this wonderful piece of equipment

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Michell gyrodec se
14 February 2015  | 

An excellent turntable,I had bought an earlier version of this back in the seventies,and loved it then! So this was always one of my top choices.

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Top notch turntable
15 April 2014  | 

i will keep this brief as anyone reading this will surely know the merits of the classic deck, transparent, controlled, detailed and highly revealing turntable, Stunning, better than an LP12 highl spec that I used to own.

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