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Luxman PD-171AL Turntable
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Luxman PD-171AL TurntableLuxman PD-171AL TurntableLuxman PD-171AL TurntableLuxman PD-171AL Turntable

Luxman PD-171AL Turntable

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Luxman PD-171AL Turntable

"It's easy to lose hours at a time listening to the PD-171, because it never fails to engage on an emotional level"


Since the highly admired introduction of the PD-171 into the market in 2011, Luxman turntables have been renowned to deliver a sense of atmosphere that can only be achieved through the medium of vinyl, that every vinyl enthusiast strives to achieve.


The PD-171A now has a highly rigid main chassis and heavy base ensuring stable rotation. Additional improvements to the motor, drive circuit and bearing section have also been made. The PD-171-AL is supplied without the tone arm, with the option of customising the turntable so you can enjoy the playback of vinyl to your exact tastes.



Electric Circuit

  • Introduction of newly developed high-torque AC Motor
  • Motor drive uses similar circuit structure to high power amps
  • High-precision clock controlled generator circuit with 32-bit microphone embedded.
  • Reflective view type LED stroboscobe useful for adjustments to speed


  • Belt drive aluminium machining heavy turntable (5.0kg) utilising high inertia moment (approx 0.7t.2)
  • Hanging vibration-damping structure with 15mm thick machined aluminium plate
  • High-rigidity 16mm spindle with ball bearing for stable rotation
  • Wear-resistant and load-bearing polyether ketone (PEEK) material used in the bearing section
  • Floating mounted power transformer and AC motor
  • Hybrid vibration-damping structure with wood and metal
  • Large-sized insulator with height adjustment function directly secured to aluminium chassis.


  • Traditional wood-paneled design
  • AC inlet on rear panel for easy replacement of power cable
  • Detachable high-intensity LED stylus light
  • Cam support for 4mm acrylic dust cover (opens and closes via light)

Available Tone Arm Bases

  • OPPD-AB1: For SME 3009R/3010R and other 9/10" tonearms
  • OPPD-AB2: For FR 64/64S/64FX, IKEDA IT-345
  • OPPD-AB3: For SAEC WE-308
  • OPPD-AB4: For SAEC WE-407/23
  • OPPD-AB5: For Ortofon 212S/212D
  • OPPD-AB6: DIY universal tonearm board


  • Motor power supply: Quartz oscillation amplifier
  • Rotation: 33 1/3rpm,45rpm (2 speeds selectable)
  • Rotation adjustment range: ±5% (each rotation speed adjustable independently) • Power Consumption: 38W
  • Dimensions : 492 (W) x 140 (up to top face of platter) 195 (with dust cover mounted) (H) x 407 (10mm of fittings on rear face included) (D) mm
  • Net Weight: 23.8kg 5.0kg (Platter)

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