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Funk Firm Little Super Deck Turntable (With Funk Firm F5 tonearm)

Funk Firm Little Super Deck Turntable (With Funk Firm F5 tonearm)

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Funk Firm Little Super Deck Turntable

Introducing Funk Firm's new Little Super Deck "LSD" turntable. The Little Super Deck uses Funk's patented Vector Drive, using a three-point drive system that uses one DC motor and two slave pulleys to provide unsurpassed stability.

Included with this incredible deck is the new Funk F5 tonearm, it allows for simple setup with an innovative calibrated sliding weight on the arm beam, the perfect support for any cartridge.

The Little Super Deck's glass platter comes with the Funk's felt mat as standard, optionally you can upgrade to a Funk's Achromat and Achroplat II Platter allowing you to extract even more detail from your favourite vinyl. A dustcover is also included

The Little Super Deck comes in stunning Gloss Black, Gloss Red, Gloss White and Walnut Finishes

Audition it. It delivers…

“Throughout my listening I felt involved in the music rather then just listening to it, which is surely the whole point..”

            –HiFi World

Technically it was described as..

“…a belt drive turntable of unusual stability that will have a rock steady tone and an arm that is well damped and vibrationally inert”.

In Germany, the world’s largest analogue market, two premier magazines have each heaped praise on this new comer to the market.


  • Funk’s famous Three Pulley Vector Drive system*
  • Motor and power supply are now derived from K-Drive
  • Glass Platter with felt mat included. (Upgradeable with Funks Achromat and Achroplat)
  • Included is Funk Firm's New F5 tonearm allowing for simple setup and calibration
  • Adjustable VTA for the Tonearm
  • Available in Gloss Black, Gloss Red, Gloss White and Walnut Finish
  • Dustcover


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