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Edwards Audio TT1MK2 Turntable
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Edwards Audio TT1MK2 Turntable

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Edwards Audio TT1MK2 Turntable

The Edwards Audio TT1 turntable has now been improved with the arrival of the new Rega RB202 tonearm and an all new in house designed 18mm plinth. It becomes the Edwards Audio  TT1 Mk2, which can be supplied on its own or as a package with the new TALK Zephyr C100 MM cartridge, or with the TALK Zephyr C200.

The TT1 Mk2 features a smart low mass LDF plinth onto which are mounted the 230V AC motor, a RB202 arm and a precision made brass bearing housing. The inner platter runs on a custom made ceramic 5mm bearing which runs in a specially produced light synthetic machine oil designed for Formula 1 applications. This is all topped off with a 12 mm custom made Acrylic platter driven by our own custom made ‘Little Belter’ Blue belt and supported on 3 rubber isolation feet, designed to compliment the mass of the turntable. This stunning package is available from around £420/$900

The TT1 Mk2 has been designed to offer a great value/performance ratio and we believe makes an ideal ‘first’ turntable for enthusiasts who are either just starting out or returning to vinyl  after dabbling in the digital world.

It has several upgrade options, like a ruby bearing option for £50, aluminium inner platter with polished spindle along with arm upgrades such as our new rear spigot and counterweight assembly. All these together go to upgrade the TT1Mk2 to almost the complete TT2SE specification. On top of this there is the soon to be released stand alone external speed control box, the SP1 with 33/45 speed change both with fine pitch adjustment, in addition to which you can also use the ISO1 mains isolation filter to further enhance performance.

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Looks cool, sounds good
Tuesday, 11 August 2015  | 

Super service. Thank you.

I chose the TT-1 cos I fell in love with the looks, plus the brand sounds a bit more 'boutique' compared to Project, Rega et al! Sleek white deck looks fab in my apartment. Nicely finished although the hinges are a bit flimsy I thought. Captive cables are not a problem at the price.

Typical Rega-like sound: swinging and open (replaced my Technics 1200 which sounded 'dark' and shut in with the same cart - Ortofon OM-10). Plenty of bass, lovely deep mid-range. Enjoying my collection on this more revealing deck; sure enough, old records sound noisy while fresh wax sounds superb (listening to Boards of Canada now: magic). Feel like rushing out and buying more records!

Slightly disappointed by some audible mechanical noise: distinct 'ticking' from the motor on 33, goes away on 45. Only audible up close though. Hoping it goes away after run-in.

Getting a lot of hum through speakers; however this is most likely due to i. placement of deck near speakers, power outlets etc (unavoidable unfortunately) and ii. known hum issues with Rega arms cos they don't fit an external earth wire. I may experiment with rewiring in the future for this reason. (I gather Rega have stated in the past that a degree of hum is 'normal'; not sure what others think of this.)

I'm still suffering from vocal sibilance and IGD - the bane of vinyl - but after years of tinkering I've concluded you have to spend a lot of money on the cartridge to get rid of this. Can't expect miracles from a budget deck and elliptical stylus.

Looking forward to experimenting with better cartridges on this deck soon.

In general, very pleased with this lovely-looking deck apart from the caveats mentioned above. It delivers great sound for the price.

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