E.A.T Forte S SPB Turntable
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E.A.T Forte S SPB TurntableE.A.T Forte S SPB TurntableE.A.T Forte S SPB TurntableE.A.T Forte S SPB Turntable

E.A.T Forte S SPB Turntable

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E.A.T Forte S & E-Flat Turntable DustcoverE.A.T Forte S & E-Flat Turntable Dustcover

E.A.T Forte S SPB Turntable

After the first impressive model Forte, Euro Audio Team follows with the small brother EAT Forte S. The last letter "S" is for small. Actually there is nothing "small" and this can be seen as a good joke.

Please note tonearm is not included as standard.

We have reduced size of the huge platter from the 40 cm to 36m and its weight from the 20kg to the 15 kg. It is still amazing in comparison to the standard 30 cm. The sense behind it is to store inside as much as possible of moving mass that is getting most effective on the outer side of the big radius. You can say the following: double size of diameter and four times more effective sound.
The platter incorporates from the inner side sorbothane damping and from the outer side black damping matt produced from the recycled vinyl that make platter completely quiet.

Terrific inverted bearing construction with ceramic ball on the top faces to the Teflon. The pressure on the ceramic ball is reduced by two enormous neodymium magnets that are holding the platter and take over most of the load from the heavy platter. The big brother Forte has built in two motors in separate chassis that makes its imposing 70 cm width. EAT Forte S is "only" 55cm width and single-piece construction. It has also two AC motors but they are built symmetric on the right side besides of the platter, therefore you do not need two belts with different length as by big EAT Forte. Operating of the motor by display panel was getting simpler into the 3 main keys: 33.3, 45 and on/off button.

Both turntables are mass-loaded with huge magnetic feet, which act as a sub chassis. Forte S uses four magnetic feet with possible change of the height. This brings impressive low and excellently dumped resonance frequency of entire system. Standard distortions have no meaning at all for S and his brother as well.

The dimensions of EAT Forte S are 55 × 45 × 25cm. The weight of the complete turntable is 44 kg. The weight of the package is 35 kg. It is available in 2 options, high gloss piano black and high gloss Makassar (ebony wood).

Enjoy your life full of music and sponsor your self by E.A.T Forte S!

Technical specifications E.A.T Forte S
Electronic speed change * 33.33/* 45.11
Speed variance */- 0.09%
Wow and flutter ± 0.009%
Signal-to-noise ratio -73dB
Power consumption 4W
Outboard power supply 16V/1.000mA AC, suitable for your country's mains supply
Dimensions (WxHxD) 550x250x440mm
Weight 44kg

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