VPI HW-40 40th Anniversary Edition Turntable
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VPI HW-40 40th Anniversary Edition TurntableVPI HW-40 40th Anniversary Edition TurntableVPI HW-40 40th Anniversary Edition TurntableVPI HW-40 40th Anniversary Edition Turntable

VPI HW-40 40th Anniversary Edition Turntable

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VPI HW-40 40th Anniversary Edition Turntable

Now with Direct Drive Technology to celebrate VPI's 40th Anniversary.

Over 40 years of refinement all leading up to this turntable. A tasteful combination of aluminum, solid wood, and 3D printed technology. Featuring an updated and upgraded version of our Award Winning Direct Drive Motor.

Only quality high-end hi-fi refuses to try. It wants you to come to it. To examine the music in detail and to rediscover the wonders within each song. If you don’t want to listen, really listen, then the HW-40 Anniversary doesn’t mind and won’t bother you. But if you pay attention and allow yourself to be drawn into this VPI design then it will reward you with an abundance of sonic treasures. The HW-40 Anniversary is an instant classic. In my eyes it has already attained legendary status. 

Because of that, I have the honour of awarding it the ultra-rare Golden Groovy award. My goodness it deserves it.


New review by Alan Sircom for HiFi+

Alan Sircom has just reviewed the HW-40 for HiFi+, and he has been impressed! Here are some of our favourite bits - make sure you read the full review!

"The VPI 40th Anniversary oozes authority and precision. We have grown used to the precise attack of digital files, and we make automatic accommodations for the less precise timing of a turntable... except this turntable shows you need not compromise." 

"It didn’t matter whether the music was art-house glam pomp or New Wave tinged guitar pyrotechnics, it didn’t matter if the music had gone all legato and orchestral or full-bore rock wig-out. After this session, I threw everything I could think of at the deck from light dinner jazz to heavy opera and nothing, I mean NOTHING, fazed it."

"To say the VPI 40th Anniversary turntable is impressive is an understatement. Sonically, if it were twice the price, it would still be beating the competition. When its’ biggest real criticism is that the product can’t quite make up its mind whether it’s called the ‘HW-40’ or the ‘40th Anniversary’, you know you are on to a winner!"


  • MW-12- Fatboy Gimbal​ Tonearm
  • Wired with Nordost Reference Wire​
  • Direct Drive Motor​
  • New VTA Base on the Fly​
  • Dustcover Included​
  • Internal Circuitry and Power​
  • Made in the USA


  • Chassis Composition: Aluminum and Solid Black Walnut (Stained)
  • Platter Type & Size: 12" Aluminum Platter, 25LBS
  • Tonearm Included: JMW-12- Fatboy Gimbal
  • Motor Type: Direct Drive 
  • Motor Torque: 2.68 Nm/sec
  • Star/Stop Time: 1 Second
  • Speed Monitoring: 2,500 pulses/revolution
  • Footprint: 21¾" x 16 ¾"
  • Overall Size: 22" x 17" x 10"
  • Total Weight: TBD

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