Ringmat 330 MkII XLR Turntable Record Mat
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Ringmat 330 MkII XLR Turntable Record Mat

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Ringmat 330 MkII XLR Turntable Record Mat

Own a Linn LP12? or any turntable for that matter. Why not give one a try. They knock the spots of the standard felt mat. 

RINGMAT 250 about 3.0mm thick

Yes, on first impression it appears costly for just a turntable mat, however let your ears be the judge and you will be richly rewarded. The difference is quite breathtaking. The music oozes from the speakers and hits you in the face. A must try!

Ringmat is a new method of record support and the first that has been properly designed for the generation of an accurate, low distortion signal. It's unique design enables 12" records to be supported so that the main vibrational modes of record movement (caused by the input of stylus energy) give the minimum possible error signal. This allows for improved tracking and as a result, a reduction in stylus and record wear. 

With ringmat, there is a reduction of background noise with a cleaner, crisper and yet more delicate sound, together with a wider and deeper soundstage; There is an enhanced sense of power, with greater weight and authority in the bass.

Ringmat is a direct replacement for most felt and rubber mats on leading turntables, as well as most bare platters, including those made of acrylic and glass. For turntables with tonearm height adjustment.

Suitable for all turntables except in the case of those few which have no tonearm height adjustment..

Celebrating 10 years of Ringmat design, this is the first new Ringmat to be introduced since 1996. Based on the immensely successful 330 MkII XLR, the Anniversary Ringmat has the anti-resonance cut-outs to be found in Ringmat Spacers and new concepts for the operation of the rings.

With the other Ringmats, the rubber-based adhesive used included a polyester carrier, which acted as an interface between the cork rings and the special paper substrate. With the Anniversary, the acrylic adhesive used does not involve a carrier and a more direct contact is made between the cork rings and the substrate. This creates a more immediate sense of presence in the sound and a much stronger bond between the rings and the paper.



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