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Oyaide STB-EP Record Weight / Level & 45 Adaptor
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Oyaide STB-EP Record Weight / Level & 45 Adaptor

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Oyaide STB-EP Record Weight / Level & 45 Adaptor

STB-EP is a multi-function 45 record adapter with three functions.

1. 45 adaptor for large-hole 45 records

2. Bubble level for turntable leveling

3. Metal weight for stabilizing LPs on lightweight turntable platters (such as Pro-Ject Debut Carbon)

The diameter of STB-EP has been designed and manufactured with an accuracy of microns. Its snug fit minimizes any eccentricities in the record for most accurate playback and no skipping under aggressive DJ use. 

Being made of heavy-weight metal, if offers greater stability and vibration resistance than a plastic 45 adapter. With ergonomic design, and a beautiful chrome finish, this easily removable adaptor fits almost any turntable on the market. 

With a large 25mm diameter level and easy to see blue fluid, you can also use the adaptor to easily level your platter, ensuring the highest quality playback, and smoothest possible tracking for your tonearm. An essential turntable accessory!

Size    Diameter 38mm, height 27mm
mass    130g
body    Shaving brass, chrome-plated finish
Bubble tube    Made of acrylic
Bubble tube sensitivity    0.50mm / m = 0.028 ° (bubble begins to move tilt)

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