Elipson Turntable Belt - Upgraded
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Elipson Turntable Belt - Upgraded

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Elipson Turntable Belt - Upgraded

  • The Elipson drive belt is compatible with all Elipson brand vinyl turntables.
An essential part of the turntable drive system, the belt transmits the rotation of the motor to the turntable and contributes to the quality of disc playback.


  • Dimensions : Ø47 x L3 mm
  • Weight : 5g



Omega & Alpha turntable:



To know which model between the Elipson turntable belt standard and the Elipson turntable belt upgraded, please have the serial number of your turntable ready.
The serial number is a series of 14 numbers and letters present under the plastic grid under the plate. It should look like this:
If the middle letter (here the letter G) is between A and F in alphabetical order: the belt corresponding to your turntable is the belt ELIPSON TURNTABLE BELT STANDARD (ELIBELT SKU)
If this letter is between G and Z: the belt corresponding to your frame is the belt ELIPSON TURNTABLE BELT UPGRADED (ELIBELTB SKU)

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