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Magnum Dynalab MD 809T Internet Media Tuner
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 Magnum Dynalab MD 809T Internet Media TunerMagnum Dynalab MD 809T Internet Media Tuner 

Magnum Dynalab MD 809T Internet Media Tuner

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Magnum Dynalab MD 809T Internet Media Tuner

In developing their new line of Internet Radio Tuners, Magnum Dynalab first gave consideration to how they have created certain products that have stood out from the landscape of hi-fi audio equipment.  The timeless Etude FM Tuner launched back in 1988, the MD 208 (Stereophile's 2000 Product of the Year), and more recently the launch of the World-Source Platform and the MD 109 - have all helped affirm their ability to design and build products that are truly world-leading.  Their newest offering, the MD 809T Internet Radio Tuner, is certain to be another one of these products and they feel that it is the best Internet Radio Tuner on the market today.
They have poured every innovation in audio technology they have developed over their 25+ year lifetime, into this tuner and have taken 'attention to detail' to a level seen only seen in a select few products in this category.  Boasting more functionality than any product they have developed, the MD 809 Internet Radio Tuner may quickly take over the 'most listened to' position among your source-audio products.
Equipped with access to terrestrial FM broadcasts and DAB/DAB+ (where available), the MD 809's functionality really shines when accessing over 20,000 Internet radio stations via the on-board Wi-Fi antenna or connected LAN line.  This huge collection of music is all available via their intuitive, touch-screen driven software accessible on both the faceplate AND remote.  Or, if you prefer, plug in your USB or network-stored library of music files (including AAC+, Real, MP3, FLACs and WMA), and navigate your digital music collection with ease.
Of course, smooth and simple functionality is a mere appetizer when compared to the MD 809's main course. And that is a music experience so realistic, so open and transparent and so incredibly detailed, that it will change your opinion not only about Internet Radio, but also about all digital audio sources. Despite the variability in bit rates and sample rates among Internet radio audio broadcasts, or even among your collection of digital audio files, the MD 809 Internet Radio Tuner will define a new category of audio products in any home audio equipment collection.
The MD809 includes a remote control handset and built in DAC.

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