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True Colours (TCI) 6 Way Emerald Constrictor Mains Block
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True Colours (TCI) 6 Way Emerald Constrictor Mains Block

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True Colours (TCI) 6 Way Emerald Constrictor Mains Block

Whether used with CD players, Turntables, Amplifiers or costly plasma screens, this mains block will improve the performance of any piece of equipment connected to it. 

Audiophiles are increasingly discovering the benefits of improvements to mains blocks and cabling as a way of maximising the performance of hi-fi. These mains blocks are designed to block the radio frequency interference common in our homes from TV sets, computer equipment etc.

TCI Emerald Constrictor Powerblocks features TCI Emerald Constrictor cable. 

True Colours Industries are an award winning company, they have been producing very special cable throughout the years. Their reputation surpasses them with many customers coming by word of mouth. We have seen many customers purchase a TCI Cable and become a firm follower of these high quality leads and never settling for anything less.

The 6 way Emerald Constrictor powerblock will cleanse your mains to a level that tightens the midrange and speeds up the bass which delivers a crisp vocal range. This Emerald Constrictor offers you a substantial upgrade on your home cinema or HiFi system.

Value for Money - Will upgrade the sonic performance of whatever is plugged into them. So you can upgrade the performance of 6 pieces of equipment,

Works with Captive Mains Leads - If your equipment has captive mains leads which can not be replaced you can simply upgrade the performance with a TCI Powerblock. 

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