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Transfiguration Cartridges

Many LP lovers would consider the 1950’s to 70’s to be the golden age of recorded music. This was the time when recording companies could afford long-term contracts with leading artists and groups, also having the time for long rehearsals and trial recording sessions. Complex multi-channel mixing (which so often distorts natural musical timbres and causes phasing distortions) was seldom indulged in, and thus premium quality pressings were produced.

The moving coil cartridge has become internationally accepted as the ultimate transducer of these and other fine analogue recordings. However despite the development, especially in recent years, of increasingly sophisticated moving coil cartridges, there are still elements of their design that detract from the particular magic rendered by premium analogue sound reproduction. The yoke system is often unable to focus the full power of the magnet into the coil. There can be a masking of the frequency response, especially in the high range. The inter-relationship of magnetic field and coils is usually too loose. Often the magnet and coils are too far apart to capture the very subtlest details. On the other hand, very dynamic passages can cause coil saturation, especially if the coils are wound on formers. Increasingly powerful magnets or special coils, bodies and suspension systems often offer no solution. Thanks to dedicated, passionate and innovative designers, like Seiji Yoshioka of Transfiguration, LP playback has soared to heights never imagined back in the days when bit-counters were pronouncing it dead. Transfiguration has developed two different ring-magnet constructions, details of which can be viewed under respective cartridge details.

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Page 1 of 1:    3 Items
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