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Townshend Audio Maximum Super Tweeter ( 1  x Supplied)
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Townshend Audio Maximum Super Tweeter ( 1  x Supplied)Townshend Audio Maximum Super Tweeter ( 1  x Supplied)Townshend Audio Maximum Super Tweeter ( 1  x Supplied)

Townshend Audio Maximum Super Tweeter ( 1 x Supplied)

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Townshend Audio Maximum Super Tweeter

Now available in satin silver or satin black

1 x supplied

If it’s of the performance envelope-pushing persuasion, the Townshend Maximum Supertweeters will undoubtedly take it, and you, to the next level.” Hi Fi Choice November 2002.

I still have my Maximum Supertweeters, thank goodness but I have tried living with them switched off and, believe me, it felt like masochism.Hi Fi News and Record Review March 2003.

Super tweeters are invaluable if you listen to SACDs and DVD-A discs since these discs contain the extended frequencies the supertweeters are designed to reproduce (as are high quality vinyl LPs). But also – as we heard – they’re invaluable for regular CDs and other digital formats too, allowing a sound that’s fuller, more natural, more detailed and more rhythmic.


The key benefit of Towshend Audio's supertweeters is that they are a ribbon design, allowing a more accurate reproduction of the high frequencies

Connection to the Supertweeters is by 4.0mm bananas. The included connecting cable is fitted with 4.0mm banana 'piggy back' connectors to allow you to easily add them to existing speakers.



Embodying super-powerful neodymium magnets and an ultra thin eight micron pure aluminium ribbon, the Maximum Supertweeter offers outstanding performance in an easy to drive, compact package. The low frequency -3dB point of the first order crossover is set at 20Khz. Output may be set to suit speakers with sensitivities ranging from 80dB to 110dB, adjusted in steps by an seven position switch on the rear. The correct setting is easily found by trial and error. Input connectors are 4mm banana sockets. All copper conductors, including the matching transformer windings cables, are deep cryogenically treated (EDCT) for unrivalled fidelity.

Pressure relief vents in the sides of the case are provided to allow the air pressure on the ribbon to equalize in the event of sudden pressure changes. The Maximum Supertweeter may be connected directly across the output of amplifiers up to 350W. An automatically resetting fuse helps prevent ribbon damage in the event of overload. The Maximum Supertweeters are best placed centrally on top of your existing speakers. The 1.5m cables are connected to the main speakers’ tweeter terminals or directly across the power amplifier feed. A choice of spade or ‘piggy back’ banana connectors are offered to facilitate connection. Please specify.


The Supertweeters are supplied as standard with 1.5m of Townshend Isolda impedance matched, EDCT Litz cable, terminated with ‘piggy back’ 4.0mm banana connectors. Spades available on request



Suitable for all speakers with sensitivities between 80dB and 110dB, including Electrostatics
Power rating: suitable for amplifiers up 350W Music Power
Dimensions. 50mm (W), 30mm (H), 100mm (D).
1.5m connecting cable included (can be longer if required)
Bracket for Quad ESL 57 speakers available
14 day equipment Home Trial available

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