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Ortofon TA-210 Tonearm
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Ortofon TA-210 TonearmOrtofon TA-210 TonearmOrtofon TA-210 Tonearm

Ortofon TA-210 Tonearm

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Ortofon TA-210 Tonearm

The new Ortofon TA-210 tonearm has gone to the next level of reducing unwanted vibrations in the tonearm by adding more damping material in more places when compared to it's younger sibling, the TA-110. Ortofon's extensive knowledge of vibration properties and characteristics in different shapes and materials has been applied for optimisation of the TA-210 tonearm.

The TA-210 is given a precision machined slit in each end of the aluminium tube. A piece of Ortofon special vibration damping compound is integrated into each slit. The bottom slit has rubber inserts with high vibration damping properties, and the other top-facing slit has a special proprietary TPE compound with excellent damping properties. Due to the use of these two different materials, an extended damping effect is obtained in the largest possible range. Both inserts integrated in the tonearm tube are manufactured at the Ortofon technical facilities in Nakskov, Denmark.

Key Features:

  • Supplied with LH-2000E headshell and 6NX-TSW-1010 tonearm cables
  • TA-210 is a static balanced gimbal type arm, easy to use and adjust for optimal VTF settings
  • TA-210 has a standard 5-pin DIN connector for tonearm cable
  • The tonearm geometry allows for a Baerwald alignment (also the IEC recommendations)
  • New counterweight with Inner/outer scale
  • Inner scale to be applied with main counterweight
  • Outer scale to be applied when extra mass ring is added 
  • Counterweight will work with headshell+cartridge mass approximately in the range 20 to 28g 
  • TA-210 is fitted with a standard headshell connector and can easily be adjusted in accordance with the included mounting template 



Effective Armlength (Stylus - Pivot Point): 329.0mm
Mounting Distance (Pivot Point - Turntable Centre): 316.6mm
Offset Angle: 16.5º
Overhang: 12.4mm
Tracking Force Adjusting Range: 0 - 3 / 0 - 4g
Height Adjustment Range: 35 - 55mm
Armbase Mounting Hole Diameter: 19 - 20mm
Counterweight for Cart & Headshell Mass Between 21 and 28g: Included 
LH-2000E Headshell: Included
TA-110 Total Weight (Incl. Headshell) 536g
Set of Tonearm Cables 6NX-TSW-1010: Included
Extra Mass Ring for Heavier Cartridges: Included
Extra Mass Ring Weight: 45g

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