Origin Live Enterprise  MK4 Tonearm

Origin Live Enterprise MK4 Tonearm

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Origin Live Enterprise MK4 Tonearm 

  • Standard length is 9.5". Other lengths are available at extra cost.


"...a superb pick up arm with a grippingly musical sound and lovely rhythmic ability."

- HiFi World

"Yes, I could say "the bass is like a rock", "it's transparent - clear as a bell", or "the timing is spot-on" or "the dynamics, and the sheer enormity of the sound stage are stunning". Okay, it IS all of those things. It's stupendous. It literally blows away anything i have heard to date. The Conqueror was/IS a great arm, but - not in this league, i'm afraid. But, the most important thing for me is that it makes me feel that i don't care about that kind of stuff any more. And there's really no higher praise than that".

- Bari, Luxembourg 



It is now possible to achieve a level of performance that at least one reviewer did not think was possible from a tonearm upgrade (and he had one of the best arms in the world). Packed with radical new thinking and technological advances, the Enterprise significantly rises tonearm performance to unthought levels.

The most obvious aspect of this arm are it's sheer speed and realism that approaches that of live music. The tightness and depth of bass are a revelation and will expose your records in a totally new light. The reviews elaborate on how this arm is capable of everything you could ever want from one of the most rewarding items in the replay chain.



  • Hybrid arm tube composed of 6 materials has better energy dissapating qualities and higher rigidity than the Conqueror tube, yielding increased transparency, dynamics and bass performance.
  • Ultra low friction dual pivot bearing yield vastly increased clarity and sweet, precise treble free from smearing.
  • Floating vertical bearings decouples the armtube from the deck and prevents the deck adding colour to the sound.
  • Sophisticated dual pivot decoupling in the Enterprise incorporated several additional layers of isolation from the vertical bearings, this yields very low levels of coloration and increased clarity.
  • High strength aircraft alloy headshell for increased dynamics.
  • Internal Linear flow 2 cable for very low signal loss resulting in improvements to every aspect of the music. 
  • External Linear flow 2 arm cable, fully balanced and 95% shielded is up with the very best of expensive external cables and yields the same improvements as the internal linear flow 2 cable.
  • Pure copper WBT nextgen RCA phono plugs are among the best available to provide a precise, tight electrical connection that ensures no signal degradation. 



Technical Information

New armtube incorporating bi-metallic technology to reduce resonance and increase rigidity.

Specially selected materials used throughout.

Low friction, completely stable dual pivot bearing design for vertical movement. 2 Single tungsten carbide points in hardened cups, widely spaced to mimic gimbal bearing stability but with much lower friction.

Additional de-coupling of the yoke is achieved via a turret plate system with the yoke rigidly attached to the arm tube.

Bearings for horizontal movement using highly specified low friction bearings conventionally oriented.

Inbuilt VTA height adjustment.

Linear Flow 2 internal wiring is also only used on this arm.

Linear Flow 2 external wiring.

Silver bullet plugs. 

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