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Jelco TK-850S 9 Inch Tonearm
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Jelco TK-850S 9 Inch Tonearm

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Jelco TK-850S 9 Inch Tonearm

Jelco’s brand new TK-850S tonearm, which has a ‘knife edge’ vertical bearing system. A technological upgrade from the older Jelco SA-750 arms, the TK-850 sounds more graceful, more colourful, more dynamic and more musically engaging. 

Knife edge bearing

Over the years, knife-edge bearings have tended to be sneered at by audiophiles. However, when these arms are properly implemented they can offer a great improvement. Jelco have built their reputation for fine finish and quality at reasonable prices, and these new arms build on that very nicely.

  •   model TK-850S
  •   Bearing System Knife Edge
  •   Effective length (from the tonearm pivot to stylus point) 232 mm
  •   Distance of the tonearm pivot to spindle 214 mm
  •   Overhang (spindle to stylus point) 18 mm
  •   Offset angle 23.75°
  •   Tracking error angle +1.96° -1.03°
  •   Horizontal sensitivity (first action, inner wire free) 30 mg
  •   Vertical sensitivity (first action, inner wire free) 30 mg
  •   Suitable cartridge weight with head shell 17~35 gr
  •   Effective mass 13.4 gr
  •   Range of height adjustment (distance between the arm base bottom and center of the arm pipe) 38~60 mm

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