Incognito Tonearm Cardas Copper Rewire Kit For Rega Arms
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Incognito Tonearm Cardas Copper Rewire Kit For Rega Arms

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Incognito Tonearm Cardas Copper Rewire Kit For Rega Arms

Award winning Cardas Rewire for all Rega Arms.

AWG 33,

33 0.1798mm 0.0071inch

Litz wire

Rewire your Rega and experience a night and day significant improvement

DIY kit to rewire the internal and external wires of a Rega tonearm with high quality Litz cable in a single run from the cartridge tags to the RCA plugs.

Some soldering is required ( included )

Tonearm Re-wire - For Rega type arms, we recommend the Incognito loom, unique in that it Re-wires in a single run of cable from the cartridge tag to the phono plug, inner and outer cables replaced by a single sweep of uninterrupted Cardas high quality copper Litz, no solder joints, no plugs, no sockets. As it leaves the arm pillar, the cable is run into a 'Faraday Cage' construction, a flexible screened assembly, star earthed at the base of the pillar, with a separate earth conductor terminated in a small gold plated crocodile clip. High quality gold connectors are used throughout the loom. The length of the external section of the loom is 1.2 metres (4 Feet).

one piece, cartridge clip to phono sockets tonearm cable, specifically designed for all forms of Rega based tonearms.

The Incognito cable features a continuous cable run from cartridge tags to phono plug.

The heart of the assembly is a gold plated aluminium slug, situated at the base of the arm pillar, to which all earths are connected, grounding the various components of the arm assembly without the use of additional ground wires.

The external section of the cable is run through a Faraday cage assembly inside which, protected by a spiral polythene tube, run the left and right channel signal leads. The signal leads are therefore shielded, but held at a fixed distance from the screen.

The signal wires are Cardas Pure Copper Tonearm wire, connected to non-magnetic gold plated RCA/Phono connectors and high quality gold plated headshell tags.

“The incognito re-wire kit lifts the Rega’s performance to undreamed of levels. It cures the lumpy, tucked under bass, and it cures the splashy treble and mid-prominent balance. But then I always figured that you’d get the hi-fi benefits. What I wasn’t ready for was the level of musical improvement.”

“for anyone using an RB300 (or even 600 or 900) arm, the incognito kit should be placed right at the top of your wants list. If you are using it as a stop gap on an expensive deck, then it advances to the status of immediate purchase,”

“If the Rega arm was one of the bargains of a century now gone, then the Incognito re-wire kit dusts it off and sets it up for the one that’s just arrived.”

Roy Gregory Hi-Fi Plus Feb 2000

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Easy upgrade, great results
Thursday, 14 May 2020  | 

I used this to repair/replace a badly done VdH D502 cable on a Rega RB250.

It was easy to mount and the sound was more open and dynamic than with the D502. I've always found that cable (which I also got with my SME IV on the main system) nicely detailed and precise but also quite dull. This cable is more lively while still retaining warmth and top-end sparkle.

The finishing quality is very good.

This is, together with the Michell Tecno counterweight, moves this arm at least a league higher. And it was already know for decades as the best bargain in audio!

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Easy to listen to
Friday, 15 November 2019  | 

I did rewire of a Rega Planar 6 Exact 2018 with Incognito Cardas copper rewire kit. My setup was Rega Planar 6 -> Rega MM RIAA -> Electrocompaniet ECI 1 -> Sonus Faber Luito Monitor. My cables are Harmonic Technology Magic Link II and Harmonic Technology Pro-11. I also tried to switch Rega MM RIAA with Electrocompaniet ECP-2 RIAA.
My experience with the original Rega set up that it was slightly agressive and caused some listening fatigue. When I switched from Rega MM RIAA to Electrocompaniet ECP2 RIAA the sound became more agressive with more listening fatigue. I suspected this had to do with cabling, and I ordered Cardas Incognito cable.

The installation of the cable was given away to an Audio Workshop. They did the work well but commented that the work was more difficult than anticipated and one plug was not working so they had to fix it.
The sound with the new cabling was significantly more relaxed, (after some use). Now I can use the Rega Exact with Electrocompaniet ECP-2 and the sound is extremely good.

Highly recommended. The only comment is perhaps that I wish that they had used better quality plugs.

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Excellent product
Tuesday, 19 February 2019  | 

My rewire kit came a few days after it was ordered. the instructions was precise and the overall installation was done allmost without problems.
Only remark is, that the golden pickup pins there have to be soldered to the thin cable is a bit long - at least twice as long as the original pins

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kind to international customer
Tuesday, 28 January 2014  | 

price/performance ratio is excellent. but kit instruction does not tell several points in rewiring work, should be improved.
Gary is very kind to the international customer. Strongly recommended is shopping here

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