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Ringmat Pure Signal Tonearm Cable

Ringmat Pure Signal Tonearm Cable

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Ringmat Developments Pure Signal Tonearm Cable 

  • This cable comes in a 1.2 metre length as standard.  

Separate cables are used for left and right channels with SME right angle DIN type connectors at source to connect at the base of those many tonearms that are suitable for this type of connection. At the other end of the tonearm cable there can either be Ringmat RCA type phono plugs (Ringmat Pure Signal Blue Tonearm Cable) or WBT Nextgen RCA type phono plugs (Ringmat Pure Signal Premium Blue Tonearm Cable).


The improvement in sound quality using this tonearm cable construction can be breathtaking. In particular, using this tonearm cable can result in exceptional tonal performance and a transparent and accurate sound reproduction. The over-riding impression is one of extraordinary 'speed', giving great pace to lively music, but more importantly it allows every detail of a performance to be savoured, starting from the full atmosphere of the recording venue before a note is sounded, and thereafter keeping you on the edge of your seat in keen anticipation. The leading edge and decay of each note is completely natural.

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