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Cardas Golden Reference Tonearm Cable
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Cardas Golden Reference Tonearm Cable

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Cardas Golden Reference Tonearm Cable 1.25m

Available in Straight or 90 degree right angle DIN plug and balanced XLR

Cardas Golden Reference Phono Cable - 1.25M. Highly articulate, maximum detail. "Golden Section", Matched Propagation, reference design and construction.

"Clear, Transparent, Pure, And Precise"

Cardas Golden Reference tonearm cable features patented "Golden Section" multi-gauge stranding in a symmetrical helical tri-axial design of quad-axial planetary arrays of golden ratio, constant "Q" conductors. Every detail in Golden Reference is at the leading edge. So much technology adds up to so little cable presence, letting you hear your music as never before.

"The aspect of the Golden Reference cables that struck me first was its ability to put me center stage," report Jeff Parks and Robert H. Levi in their review of Golden Reference interconnects and speaker cables in issue 18 of Positive Feedback. "The signal was so clear, transparent, pure, and precise that the performers sucked me into music in a manner that I had never experienced before."

You'll have a similar reaction to Cardas Golden Reference tonearm cable, which uses the same advanced materials and sophisticated geometry.

Sophisticated Scientific Construction

Patented Cardas "Constant-Q" construction places the smallest of the Golden Ratio strands at the centre of the conductor to reduce stored energy and conductor resonance. Cable resonance is further reduced with controlled propagation, Crossfield construction, matching conductor to dielectric characteristics with carefully computed strand layering. Multi-layer shielding and cross-layered conductors reduce EMI and RFI noise to a new low.

Golden Reference is a perfectly neutral reference cable. Its utter lack of coloration lets you hear the sound of your source material, rather than the sound of a cable. Pure Teflon is used as a stabilizing wrap to firmly bind the conductors, while thin tube walls provide the air dielectric to isolate the conductors from each other without accumulating unwanted energy. The Pure Copper discrete conductors ensure full-spectrum signal transfer.

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