Luxman JPS-15000 Reference Speaker Cables (3m Pair)
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Luxman JPS-15000 Reference Speaker Cables (3m Pair)

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Luxman JPS-15000 Reference Speaker Cables (3m Pair)

LUXMAN is proud to release three different high-grade genuine audio cables which have been engineered utilizing a wide range of break-through technologies and know-how gained from decades of experience developing class leading audio amplifiers. The 15000 series flagship reference cables incorporate carefully chosen materials based in part on our 10000 series reference cables which gained popularity for their integrated L/R structure and their natural tonal quality. Highly pure 7N-Class D.U.C.C. copper was chosen in order to produce the absolute highest sound quality. Many prototypes were constructed and assessed before we finally found the highest class of pure copper, D.U.C.C. Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper has the same crystal size as conventional OFC conductors, but this ultra-high-purity copper conductor is dedicated to high-end audio reproduction with an optimally controlled directional crystal structure. In addition, our newly developed user-adjustable branch holder allows longer cable branches without compromising the cable’s performance or appearance. LUXMAN’s 15000 series flagship reference cable reveals subtle detail while still providing rich, detailed and highly-resolved sound, and will allow system components to perform at their very best.

Large diameter, high-purity 7N-Class 99.99998% pure copper ensures lower impedance. Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper (DUCC), While keeping the same crystal size of conventional high-purity conductors, allows for an even higher grade conductor with optimized structural crystal alignment, resulting in significantly improved conductivity. .

The integrated bound structure of the Left and Right channels minimizes unwanted ground loops. .

A newly developed adjustable branch holder with integral aluminum cover allows the length of the terminal to the holder to be easily adjusted without compromising the structural performance or appearance.

The non-twisted core structure eliminates unwanted inductance yielding unconstrained and lively sound.

Individual shielding for hot and cold transmission lines reduces line-to-line capacitance by half.

The internal and external sheathing pigment consists of non-magnetic carbon maintaining high sound quality with no coloration. The outer sheath is vivid blue.

Newly developed, original high quality Y-lug speaker connectors. 

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