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Ecosse Reference US2XS Ultima Speaker Cable (Factory Terminated)
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Ecosse Reference US2XS Ultima Speaker Cable (Factory Terminated)

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Ecosse Reference US2XS Ultima Speaker Cable (Factory Terminated)

We could have left it there-at SMS2.4-but we didn’t. For no-holds-barred, cost-no-object system, you MUST audition our US2 loudspeaker cable.
“No nonsense incredible sound. The Ecosse Reference US2 was heard to behave practically perfectly.”

The conductor material is ultra-high purity Monocrystal™ Silver- our best and probably the best conductor ever made.

The US2 Ultima 'speaker' cable has six individually insulated solidcores* of this superlative ultra-pure, grain-free conductor material.

Here our patented and unique Monocrystal™ extrusion and annealing process, crystallises in a conductor with technically unsurpassed ability to propagate signals with absolutely minimal attenuation and distortion- simply because there are no longitudinal crystal boundaries to deleteriously affect the delicate audio signal.

Patented Performance
A low density, low dielectric loss Foamed Polyethylene, its primary dielectric, is precision extruded, to similar tolerances, along the wire's length. The conductors are then formed into a matrix with patented air-space PTFE dielectrics and bound in PTFE tape.

This precision instrument is bound in an incredibly tightly woven polyester screening-braid then-and heres the bit that makes this speaker cable unique- a specialized jacket which Ecosse has developed and which we call Vibrakil™ is added. This jacket incorporates a constrained layer that effectively absorbs vibration rendering any microphonic effects insignificant. This results in a perfectly clean signal transmission devoid of any ‘smearing’. The device is now clad in soft, silver PVC, providing acoustic isolation and environmental protection.

Very low resistance and capacitance make this cable the perfect partner for the very best audio systems. We urge you to match it with our audiophile-reference 'Legend' Monocrystal™ Silver Interconnect. This ultimate-in-synergy cable combination is not inexpensive, but it's the stuff that dreams are made of. As Hi-Fi NEWS MAGAZINE put it: "...Legend and US2 show whats happening in the system...I found the marriage highly agreeable and definitely worth recommending.”

The US2 Ultima defines the 'state of the art' in loudspeaker cable build and performance and is available ex-factory pre-terminated with our unique Monocrystal™ logo-bananas or spades.

Supersolder™ is our new ultra high purity lead-free silver and tin alloy solid wire- used in conjunction with our unique, passive organic flux. Together these ensure a joint with ultra low chemical contaminants and very high strength.

Technical Specifications

Monocrystal™ All-Silver Conductors x 6

Teflon (PTFE) and Polyethylene Dielectric Insulation

Vibrakil™ vibration absorption jacket

Spiral Litz matrix configuration

11.5mm circular polyester braid and soft PVC jacket

The highest quality Monocrystal™ Bananas or Spades

* The occupation area for the mid and high frequency signals in a solidcore conductor is greater than a stranded conductor of similar X-section, therefore resistance is reduced and delivery of high frequency information is improved and even extended. Low DC resistance meanwhile maintains low frequency extension and control, presenting it with weight, speed and perfect pitch accuracy. The result is an improved sense of ambience and larger soundstage; vocals are clearer with real presence and natural breath tones; expect sweeter and more detailed treble.

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