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Ecosse Reference MS2.4 Speaker Cable
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Ecosse Reference MS2.4 Speaker Cable

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Ecosse Reference MS2.4 Speaker Cable

Ecosse Reference Cables is an established brand known throughout the music–loving hi-fi world for its price-conscience ethics, build quality, customer –care and above all, integrity.

MS2.4 DiagramHowever, little did we know in 1997 the revolution we would create when we introduced Monocrystal ™ conductor technology to the hi-fi public-and the effect it would have on audiophiles worldwide. They say that to copy is the sincerest form of flattery – well lets ask Harmonic Technology, Analysis Plus, Atlas, AudUSA and the rest all of whom have sprung up in our wake and achieved greater or lesser success based on our lead.

Amongst others, our MS2.3 loudspeaker cables has achieved the dizzying heights of universal acclaim; respected by all and bettered by none. This multi-strand concentric-lay conductor, with polypropylene insulation is the de rigueur cable for discerning audiophiles from Bangkok to Bolton, Montreal to Margate, South Africa to sunny-Ayrshire (where we lay our hat) -so what have we now just gone and done? WE’VE BETTERED IT! We’ve upped the anti leaving the copyist waaaaaaaaaaay behind. Oh yes! The MS2.4 at its pricepoint is the finest Monocrystal™ copper conductor loudspeaker cable we produce.

Our Structural Advantage
MS2.4 StructureStructurally, the MS2.4 consists of 270 copper strands surrounded by large OD ultra-low-loss, Hi-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) insulation all in a bed of thick cotton damping. Sheathing this precise helix we’ve added a unique layer of fabric-a jacket if you will-which we term ‘Vibrakill’™ which virtually eliminates the effects of microphony and contributes greatly to the preservation of the accuracy and integrity of the signal. Then, to further offer protection from extraneous EMI and ESI we bind the whole in a layer of tinned copper. At this point we can confirm a measured shield intensity of 98%!

Even the outer jacket is state-of-the-art; dispensing with the industry-standard PVC, we’ve opted instead for space–age technology in the form of Polyolefin* elastomers (or POEs)-a low smoke, halogen-free,’ green-friendly’ recyclable ROHs compatible material.


Technical Specifications

3mm sq x 2 x-section cable for full bandwidth

270 Monocrystal™ Cu rope-lay strands per conductor

Ultra low loss HDPE insulation

 Cotton fibre acoustic damping

Vibrakill™ Jacket of non-woven fabric

 Tinned Copper Mesh for near 100% shielding

14.0mm o/d circular low smoke, halogen-free, recyclable Polyolefin jacket

*Polyolefin elastomers (or POEs) are a relatively new class of polymers that have emerged from recent advances in metallocene polymerisation catalysts. Polyolefin elastomers are an excellent impact modifier for plastics, and offer unique performance capabilities for compounded products.

Polyolefin elastomers are superior to PVC because they:
Provide superior elasticity, toughness and low temperature ductility
Designed to optimise processing and end-user performance
Are saturated polymers providing excellent thermal stability and UV resistance
Totally recyclable.

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