Crystal Cable Ultra Diamond Splitter Bi-wire Cable
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Crystal Cable Ultra Diamond Splitter Bi-wire Cable

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Crystal Cable Ultra Diamond Splitter Bi-wire Cable

The Ultra Diamond is our first twisted pair cable. It combines two reference conductors, each with their own shielding and insulation. Unlike most twisted hifi cables, we do not use an external sleeve. Because of this, we eliminate extra unnecessary materials and create the Ultra’s distinctive rope-like appearance. The second silver-gold solid core provides a significant reduction in ground impedance, which helps to lower the system noise floor, and also anchors the time domain for a better rhythmic integrity, phrasing and musical flow. While doing this, the Ultra maintains the Diamond mantra of minimalist construction and minimum losses to mechanical interference or dielectric effects. The frosted acrylic blocks with individual serial numbers and certification, ensure that your Ultra Diamond cable is manufactured and terminated to our standards in Crystal Cable’s Dutch factory so that your audio system always sounds its best.

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