Black Rhodium Gladiator DCT++ Speaker Links
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Black Rhodium Gladiator DCT++ Speaker Links

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Black Rhodium GLADIATOR DCT ++ Speaker Jumper Links 15cm - Set of 4

GLADIATOR DCT++ 2 core speaker cable, available with locking banana or spade terminations.

GLADIATOR delivers a vital spark in well damped systems with its fast moving and fascinating sound.
This cable is our entry level high-end DCT (Deep Cryogenic Treatment) item which benefits from multiple treatment processes to arrive at an unbelievable performance from a cable at this price.

Hearing is Believing was never truer than in this case; get yourself down to your favourite dealer and insist on hearing GLADIATOR; you will not be disappointed!
GLADIATOR is made with silver plated high purity copper covered in silicone rubber and has an outside diameter of 10mm. Made in England.


  • Cable manufactured in England
  • 2 core cable
  • Silver plated copper conductors for greater clarity of sound
  • Ultra low impedance high cross section conductor wire for superior low frequency response and stereo imaging
  • Silicone rubber insulation for accurate portrayal of the leading edges and decays in music
  • Advanced quality control of the wire direction in the manufacturing process to ensure consistent superior stereo imaging and low background noise.
  • Exclusive Black Rhodium post production process proven to deliver improved sound quality
  • Deep cryogenic Treatment of the cable increases the depth, clarity and timing of the music, with additional temperature processes to further enhance these benefits
  • Available with locking banana plug, or spade termination

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