Ringmat Statmat CDi Blue

Ringmat Statmat CDi Blue

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Ringmat Statmat CDi Blue

Cleaner, crisper sound and pictures. Simply more natural and more musical. 

The CDi BLUE is a new and far more powerful Statmat for controlling static and other unwanted electronic fields and for correcting signal anomalies.  It comprises two Statmats working together at 90º to each other and on different sides of a blue polyester substrate of 0.1mm.  The Statmat on top is a mirror image of the standard one below and is connected to the substrate at three equidistant points. The one below is connected at two points.

The Statmat CDi Blue is an anti-static disc designed to sit on top of CDs and DVDs. The greater mass of the CDi BLUE makes it much easier to handle, yet it is only 0.25mm thick and weighs just 1.8g.

An anti-static disc designed to sit on top of CDs and DVDs.






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