Furutech DeStat III Hand Held Static Eliminator
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Furutech DeStat III Hand Held Static Eliminator

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The DeStat completely removes dust and eliminates static on LP's, CD, Blu-Ray, DVD

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Furutech DeStat III Hand Held Static Eliminator

Ultimate Performance • Ultimate Refinement • Ultimate Luxury 

The new destat III is incredibly easy to use as it removes dust and static charge from audio/video media in just one 15 second treatment – now with 30% more zapping power. High performance enthusiasts know that static charges on analog and optical media -- LPs, CDs and DVDs – can lead to distracting noise and compromised sound. Simply place your media on the destat III or hold it over your media of choice and press one button! The powerful fan removes dust while the destat III’s Balanced Ion Flow Generator – releasing just the right balance of positive and negative ions – eliminates static. 

Almost every system component benefits from eliminating its static charge. Use the destat III to remove static from the audio/video equipment itself – best to turn them off during treatment – plus power cords, line-level interconnects, speaker cables, and metal record clamps! Some household items may even benefit from static charge removal. 

The destat III is small and efficient, powered by four AA batteries and is easily used with one hand. Each dust and static removal takes a mere 15 seconds. And there’s a safety circuit preventing shock from the Balanced Ion Flow Generator. 

The destat III is third generation model of Furutech’s original and well received Destat - just one of Furutech’s many treatments for analog and digital playback systems.

“… It really worked as promised removing static cling”
“… deStat does the job in grand style, and will probably last as long as you can buy batteries”
-- Michael Fremer Stereophile October 2007

“…The Furutech deStat turned out to be a piece of tremendous value and it'll take permanent residence next to my turntable”    
-- John Potis 6moons October 2007

“…I can’t imagine living without it now that I’ve heard the improvement it can bring.”
-- John Crossett Soundstage September 2007

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Excellent product which WORKS
22 April 2021  | 

I have been contemplating for couple of years whether I should go ahead and get the DeStat. Because of its price, it is not an easy decision.

Now that I got it, without any doubt, I can say it is worth every cent - it really works, and it makes a huge difference!

On vinyl, it removes static so well that I can feel it. Modern releases are usually packed in paper inner sleeves, which behave like electricity production company - I can often hear clicks and pops when unpacking record for playing, and I can feel static charge on my hand hairs. Well, the DeStat completely removes that!

Much greater surprise came when I tried it on CDs. The difference before and after treatment is just amazing, and I am not talking about some minor little details, it's as if I upgraded the system to a new level - bass and dynamics are so much better, that for a moment I thought I accidentally swapped the CD for some other recording.

Yes, this is a very expensive toy, but you do get what you you pay for!

P.S. I must once again praise fantastic service from Simon and Gary - thank you guys, you're the best!

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Initially sceptical
18 August 2016  | 

I had been thinking about purchasing this item for a while. I finally decided to go for it as my static gun ran out and I needed to buy a new one. The destat is in a different league altogether. Firstly it works. Secondly it works! It does what it claims to do and consequently I'm benefiting from a massive reduction in static and much quieter replay - highly recommended.

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15 July 2016  | 

The FURUTECH DESTAT III static eliminator provides consistent results in reducing static clicks and pops during record playback. It rejuvenates a record collection.

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