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Synergistic Research Atmosphere XL4 (atm included)
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Synergistic Research Atmosphere XL4 (atm included)

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Synergistic Research Atmosphere XL4

Next stop, the Twilight Zone.

Imagine listening to Charlie Parker at Birdland, then walk into Carnegie Hall and get seated in the best seats in the house. This is possible when you add Atmosphere to your listening room. No other technology allows you to tailor the size and scale of your soundstage, with stunning realism, to accurately portray the music and venue you are experiencing. Atmosphere is a two-channel, multi-wave RF field generator with the power to transport you to the live event. Simply place Atmosphere it your room, turn it on, and tune out.

Atmosphere XL has four times the broadcast strength of the original Atmosphere to immerse you in Atmosphere’s seven acoustic scenes so convincingly you’ll swear you’re at the live event. Simply install the downloadable Atmosphere Control App to your iPad and select from a gallery of scenes. Your iPad then sends a Bluetooth command to Atmosphere altering it’s broadcast to recalibrate the acoustic response of all UEF products in your room to match the size and intent of which ever recording you’re listening to. Engineered to work in conjunction with either HFT’s or UEF Acoustic Panels and DOTs, Atmosphere’s signal wirelessly recalibrates the response or your room to better recreate your favorite recordings. In fact Atmosphere not only improves your acoustic and UEF Acoustic treatment like HFT’s and UEF Acoustic Panels and DOT’s, it also dramatically improves the function of all Synergistic Research UEF products including cables, Black Box, Ground Block and Tranquility Bases for a night and day improvement in sound quality.

Atmosphere began when our lead designer Ted Denney contemplated why systems seem to sound better late at night and worse mid-day. As a pioneering designer of the first high-performance power cord, the original AC Master Coupler of 1994, and his later work in 2007 to develop the world’s first patented non-current limiting AC filter found in our PowerCell AC line conditioners, he knew there must be more to the mystery of what we hear late at night vs mid-day than just the state of AC coming out of the wall. After all if it were only AC than power conditioning and high performance power cords would have solved this problem long ago.

So we began researching variables that could contribute to the mystery of midnight vs. mid-day system performance and came to the conclusion that man-made and solar RF must play a significant role. This led us to research of factors that contribute to fluctions in the Earth’s ambient RF environment. Ted reasoned that if differences in RF can degrade the sound, then RF can be modelled and shaped to improve the sound.


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