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Sumiko Pearl MM Cartridge
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Sumiko Pearl MM Cartridge

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Sumiko Pearl MM Cartridge

The SUMIKO Pearl is a truly unique and precious find within the sea of entry-level phono cartridges. With decades of accolades to its name, the Pearl’s smooth, natural sound reproduction breathes life into any recording with poise and transparency. Its diminutive price also belies its colossal ability to pull a complete sonic picture from each record it touches.


Cartridge Type:
Moving Magnet

Frequency Response:
12Hz - 30kHz

Output Voltage:

Load Impedance:

Channel Separation:
3dB @ 1kHz

Channel Balance:
<0.5dB @ 1kHz

Stylus Type:

12x10-6 cm/dyn

Tracking Force Range:
1.5g - 2.0g

Recommended Force:

Cartridge Weight:

Average Rating (4 Reviews):  
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Sumiko Cartridge
09 August 2018  | 

Fine quality

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Shades of its bigger sister
10 January 2018  | 

Thirty years ago, while living in NY, I heard and immediately bought a Sumiko Blue Point high output MC cartridge to fit into the RB300 arm on my 1988 Rega Planar 3. That proved a terrific source when matched with a pair of Snell K2s. Six years ago, I re-foamed the Snells, replaced the belt on the Rega and fitted a Grado Prestige Black1. Now that I have the time and space to enjoy my large vinyl library, with the Grado sounding dull and lifeless in comparison with the CD source, I took a gamble with the Pearl as a relatively inexpensive upgrade. The result is a significant improvement and while it lacks the purity and clarity that the original Blue Point had at higher frequencies, it's an extremely good option at this price point. Highly recommended.

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Sumiko Pearl Cardridge
27 March 2016  | 

Hello!I mounted the cardridge on a Thorens TD 320 Turntable.My Amp is a Yamaha AX 1050 and my speakers are
Quadral Platinum M5.I was surprised about the real good sound ! No matter if rock,classic or jazz,the instruments and the voices are very naturally and authentic.

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Sumiko pearl MMC
27 August 2014  | 

Ive just upgraded to this superb cartridge and am very pleased with the results. Well when I say upgraded it is a very similar price to my previous cart! However on paper specification wise it appeared to have a lot more going for it? So after some initial reluctance I decided to bite the bullet! After all in the scheme of things it isn't a lot of dosh? So after placing my order it promptly arrived. And for a while it sat awaiting my attention. I hate changing carts as I have big fingers and poor eye sight! Armed with my magnifying glass and some small tweezers I finally set about swapping my cart....and thankfully it was easy to install and set-up! And to be fair I am still breaking it in. But early results are very promising. My previous cartridge always seemed in my set-up at least a little light on bass and a bit sharp mid range and generally lacking on sparkle at the very high end.( Ortophon 2m red.) But I always put this down to my ageing ears and nostalgia for my fondly remembered Negoka and Dual 505 of my youth...My current turntable is a Insprire - Rega clone with upgraded brass sub-platter with a bespoke bearing and a solid maple deck board that all of which I CNC machined to the original dimensions of the previous incumbents... I am very pleased to report that my records now sound better than the CD's which is how it should be!. The sound stage is well presented and engaging. The realism is remarkable with instruments and voices all well defined and presented. The bass line on Pink Floyds "Speak to me" is really tight and controlled has is "Junco Partner" ( Clash.) I believe you would have to spend nearly 3 times this price to get anything noticeably better! Maybe I should save my penny's and get the Sumiko Blue Point next! If you could change the stylus as easy as on a MM I would have gone down the MC route years ago!

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