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Sugden Mystro Loudspeakers
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Sugden Mystro Loudspeakers

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Sugden Mystro Loudspeakers 

The Sugden Mystro Mini Monitor is an exciting new loudspeaker that has clarity, precision and speed that delivers excellent sonic performance. As with all Sugden products, the Mystro loudspeaker is manufactured in house at the Sugden factory at West Yorkshire, England. The Mystro loudspeaker has been built with the care and enthusiasm only a highly skilled team of enthusiasts can achieve. Each cabinet has been handcrafted by Sugden using the finest materials available. The veneers are book matched, so each pair of speakers is unique but closely mirrored. Instead of a plain box construction, there are many special design features to enhance the performance. These include high density MDF with mitre locking joints that have been pressed and glued.

The Mystro loudspeaker has been designed to work close to a rear wall. The narrow front baffle of the speaker requires reinforcement provided by this wall. Although the cabinet has a rear port, this is very small and combined with full internal wadding creates a ‘leaky’ cabinet rather than a fully ported one.

The Mystro loudspeaker provides good extension in the high frequencies. This is to compensate for a drop in high frequencies when the loudspeaker is toed in. It is recommended that the loudspeakers be toed in so the sound crosses about 30cm in front of the listener. This will provide exceptional imaging and can make the loudspeakers ‘disappear’.

The Mystro Precision Monitor is available in Cherry and Walnut. There is also an option for Zebrano finish. We feel the fit and finish of a loudspeaker is very important both cosmetically and acoustically. Therefore the cabinets are assembled like fine furniture should be, including real hardwood edge inlays and bonded mitre corner locking joints. The veneers are crown cut and bookmatched, and then polished to produce a satin finish with a low level gloss. Over time this will result in a natural patina. Standard finishes are cherry, walnut and maple, but other exotic finishes are available to order at an additional cost.


  • Description - Single full range Mini Monitor.
  • Cabinet design - Ported at the rear (with full BAF damping).
  • Cabinet construction - High density MDF Glued and pressed locking mitre joints.
  • Sensitivity - 87dB 1 watt one metre.
  • Nominal Impedance - 8 Ohms.
  • Frequency range - 50–20,000Hz +/-3dB.
  • Power handling - 100 Watts Peak, 50 Watts Program.
  • Terminals - Single wired large style gold plated multi way binding posts.
  • Internal wiring - Directional solid strand insulated Copper X 4.
  • Dimensions - 185mm x 215mm x 334mm (WDH).
  • Gross weight (Packed) - 9 kgs x 2.
  • Finishes – (Standard) Cherry and Walnut (Optional Zebrano)
  • The manufacturer reserves the right to change the specifications without notice.

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